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Indiana University Bloomington

Faculty | Baerbel Goebel-Stolz

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Communication and CultureBarb Gobel Stolz
Phone: 855-2106
Office: 241

Curriculum Vitae



Dr. Stolz completed her dissertation:  " 'In Search of the Audience'- Forty Years of German Public Television and its Audience Driven Commercialization" in 2011. The work examines shifts in Germany's television system, policies, audience interaction, and programming on Public Broadcast Television, linked to political and technological changes in the nation.
Her ongoing research focuses on media industries; the investigation of media artifact trading and marketing, as well as exhibition practices of U.S. television in European markets. She is currently expanding on her dissertation to include an analysis of cultural changes visible in one of the country's most treasured series.

Publication Highlights