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Indiana University Bloomington

Faculty | Jonathan Simons

Jonathan Simons

Associate Professor , Department of Communication and Culture

Phone: 856-0896
Office: 213

Curriculum Vitae



Jon Simons graduated in Politics and Modern History at Manchester University, England, where he grew up. He moved to Israel in 1985, where he completed an MA and PhD in Political Science at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He then taught an interdisciplinary graduate program in Critical Theory and Cultural Studies at the University of Nottingham, England (1995-2006). Trained in political theory, his special interests lay in poststructuralist and feminist theory, and Michel Foucault in particular. His current work focuses on the connection between politics and popular, mediated aesthetics by addressing arguments against the aestheticization of politics common in much critical political and cultural theory. He is also interested in the interdisciplinary study of images (especially political images) as a focus for both teaching and research. His current research project is about the images of peace (visual, pictorial, conceptual, ideological) that are advocated by Israeli peace movements, which is also the focus of his blog:

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