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Indiana University Bloomington

Film & Media Studies | Dissertations

Patrick Kinsman, Radical Form and Political Intent: Delineating Countercinemas Beyond Godard.   Department of Comparative Literature, 2007.  [Director: Prof. Hawkins]

Sherra Schick, Oprah Winfrey: Media Icon.  2007.  [Co-directors: Profs. Anderson & Hawkins]
successfully defended Feb 26, 2007.

Sarah Sinwell,  Fear of a Queer Planet: Danger, Sex and Idnetification in Contmeporary American Independent Film, 2007.  [Director: Prof. Hawkins]

Matt Yockey, The New Crusaders: Utopia, Apocalypse, and the Contemporary Superhero Film, 2007. [Director: Prof. Klinger]

Nathan Carroll, Public Access, Private Archives: How DVDs Disrupted Fillm History.  2006.  [Director: Prof. Hawkins]

Mark Harper, The Violent Act of Femininity: Sexual Politics, Narrative Futility, and Gender Performativity in the Melodramas of François Truffaut.  Department of Comparative Literature, 2006.  [Director: Prof. Hawkins]

Bjorn Ingvoldstad, Post-Socialism, Globalization, and Popular Culture: 21st Century Lithuanian Media and Media Audiences, 2006.  [Director: Prof. Klinger]

Robert Rehak, State of the Art: Special Effects in U.S. Blockbuster Franchises, 2006.  [Director: Prof. Klinger]

Michela Ardizzoni, Mediating Italianness: Television, Identity, and Globalization, 2005.  [Director: Prof. Klinger]

Chris Dumas, Un-American Psycho: Brian DePalma and the Political Invisible.  2005.  [Director: Prof. Hawkins]

Jim Kendrick, Screen Violence and the New Hollywood.  2005 [Director: Prof. Hawkins]

Kristin Sorensen, Chilean Media and Discourses of Human Rights, 2005.  [Director: Prof. Klinger]

Julian Stringer, Regarding Film Festivals, 2003.  [Director: Prof. Klinger]

Mark Best, Secret Identities: American Masculinities and the Superhero Genre in the Fifties, 2002. [Director: Prof. Klinger]