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Indiana University Bloomington

Film & Media Studies | Film Festivals

Film Series Sponsored by Communication & Culture

  • City Lights, a graduate student run weekly film series that features the classics of world cinema.
  • Film Indiana, scheduled for September 14-16, 2007, showcases the archival film holdings and cinema-related collections at Indiana University at Bloomington, including most notably: the Bradley Collection, Kinsey Institute, and IU’s extraordinary collection of instructional and educational films. The inaugural conference, "Screening Shorts," will focus on short films produced within and beyond the Hollywood tradition.
  • The Golden Age of Hollywood, monthly screenings of films from the classical Hollywood era screened in a partnership with community venue, The Buskirk-Chumley Theater.
  • Underground Experimental Film Series, a graduate student run weekly film series that focuses on historical and contemporary avant-garde, experimental, and cult films and other media.

Other Departmental Film Series & Festivals

Campus Film Series & Festivals

Community Film Series

  • The Cinemat: daily screenings of art house, independent, foreign, and American films from The Ryder; and “Atomic Age Cinema,” weekend screenings of films from the post-WWII Era.
  • The Pride Film Festival, an annual screening of shorts, documentaries, and feature films focused on GLBT issues.
  • The Ryder Film Series, showing the latest in cutting-edge cinema in multiple venues on campus and in the community.