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Welcome to the Department of Communication and Culture!

Students in the Department of Communication and Culture explore the cultural dimensions and implications of communication practices from oral and written language, to film, television, and digital media. With faculty clustered in three interconnected areas - rhetoric and public culture, performance and ethnography, and film and media studies - the Department provides students with an innovative, interdisciplinary program that combines history and theory with critical practice. We offer students a wide variety of courses and a flexible and challenging curriculum designed to encourage students to engage the complex relations between communication and culture.

Please be advised that the Department of Communication and Culture (CMCL) is in the process of being dissolved as part of a wider effort to integrate programs in media and journalism across the Indiana University campus into a new Media School.

For our students, please take note of the following as the transition gets underway.

For the 2014-2015 academic year, CMCL is offering the usual slate of CMCL classes, and only CMCL classes will count toward the CMCL major.

In fall 2015, CMCL faculty associated with Film and Media Studies will be joining the new Media School, while most CMCL faculty associated with Rhetoric and Public Culture will join the English department, and all faculty associated with Performance and Ethnography plan to join the Anthropology department.

Undergraduate students who matriculated prior to July 1, 2015, will be able to count certain courses in English, Anthropology, and the Media School toward the CMCL major and minor (lists of approved courses are pending).

Starting with fall 2015 courses, undergraduate students should consult with Jay Showalter ( to select appropriate courses for the major and minor.

For information about the graduate program, students should contact the CMCL Director of Graduate Studies, Jon Simons (

Details about the new Media School are available at the IU Provost's website under the heading, "The Media School" (