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Indiana University Bloomington

Rhetoric and Public Culture | Current Students

  • Shana Bridges: Political Rhetoric in general, rhetorical construction of citizen, especially post-9/11, strongly connected to department
  • Cara Buckley-Ott (Colorado State University): Rhetoric and queer theory with a particular interest in queer kinship and queer identity; the resistive potential of mediated representations of fag hags
  • Robert Clift: Media, rhetorical and ethnographic theory, documentary film, race, identity negotiations
  • Byron Craig: Rap, rhetoric, race
  • Emily Cram: Rhetoric of social movements, feminist activism
  • Emily Downing: Relationship between rhetoric and philanthropy through studying the language, visual images, and body rhetoric that non-profit organizations use to contrain and construct the identity of their audiences
  • Danielle Fernandez: Advocacy, social justice, human rights, and higher education
  • Jeremy Gordon: Discourse of protest, framing in mass media, how forms ofdissent are accepted or rejected. Media criticism, influence of media on perception of societies, cultures, and individuals
  • Shana Heinricy: Rhetorical theory, television studies, gender and ethnicity studies, American studies, consumer culture
  • Jennifer Heusel: Critical race theory; Black Power; rhetoric
  • Melanie Loehwing: Themes of rhetoric, law, homelessness, and citizenship, legal policies passed on local, state, and national levels as they characterize and criminalize the homeless; competing notions of the home as a primary site for cultivating citizenship
  • Kathleen McConnell: Rhetoric and public culture, schools and schooling, communication technologies, technologies of the self
  • Korryn Mozisek: Rhetoric of sport and citizenship
  • David Naze: rhetorical studies, social protest rhetoric, rhetoric of race in sport
  • Kara Patterson: The intersection of rhetoric and media and how the fields impact/deal with teen pregnancy and single motherhood; metaphors representing sexuality in movies that deal with sexually active teen/college age people
  • Stephen Rahko: Economic rhetoric, discourses of wealth formation, foreign policy and normative values
  • Jessica Rudy: Advocacy, feminism and GLBT issues, diversity
  • April Smith: Rhetoric and media, global capitalism, American empire, dissent, and progressive activism in the 21st century
  • Isaac West: Rhetoric, performance, queer theory and the law, transsexuals and their everyday experiences with/in law
  • Valerie Wieskamp: Gender, race, and ethnic representations in public discourse