Procedures at IU Bloomington

I. Student Complaint Procedures

A. Complaints Against Members of the University Faculty and Administration
4. Disciplinary Sanctions

Disciplinary sanctions that may be imposed for acts of misconduct by members of the university faculty and administration include, but are not limited to, any one or a combination of the following:

  1. A written reprimand with a warning that additional sanctions will be imposed if there is a repetition of the misconduct;
  2. A probationary period during which the person involved in the complaint must abide by certain specified conditions or be subject to the imposition of further sanctions;
  3. A temporary suspension without pay;
  4. Consideration of the misconduct in establishing the person’s annual salary;
  5. Consideration of the misconduct in any promotion decision concerning the person;
  6. Consideration of the misconduct in any tenure decision concerning the person;
  7. Termination of employment at a specified time in the future; and/or
  8. Immediate dismissal.