Procedures at IU Bloomington

II. Student Disciplinary Procedures

B. Personal Misconduct
3. Appeal

The student may appeal the decision of the hearing commission to the review board based on the standard established by paragraph b.(6) below. The review board consists of a faculty member, an administrative officer, and a student, as defined in Appendix D. An appeal may be initiated by filing a notice of appeal with the Dean of Students, including a memorandum stating the reason(s) for believing the decision to be improper.

  1. The notice of appeal must be filed not later than ten (10) calendar days after the date of the written decision of the hearing commission. By initiating this request, the student assumes the responsibility of preparing information for the review board. A student may be advised and/or represented by the Student Advocates Office, the IU Student Association Department of Student Rights, or other sources.
  2. The Dean of Students shall immediately forward the notice to the presiding officer of the review board. The student shall be notified by the Office of the Dean of Students of the following:
    1. The date, time, and place of the appeal hearing;
    2. That either the student or the Dean of Students may submit a written statement to the review board before the appeal hearing, but that any such statement must also be submitted to the opposing party before the hearing;
    3. That, at the hearing, both the student and the Dean of Students may make oral arguments based on the record to the review board, and that their respective advisors or counsel may also do so;
    4. That the appeal hearing will be closed to the public, unless otherwise requested by the student in writing at least three calendar days before the hearing;
    5. That the review board will not accept additional evidence, but will consider only the record of the hearing by the hearing commission;
    6. That the student requesting the appeal shall have the burden of proving that the decision of the hearing commission was not based on a preponderance of evidence or was substantially deficient in providing the student due process;
    7. That the student who filed the complaint may not take any further appeal from the decision of the review board.