Training Faculty

Linda Smith
Linda Smith, Director (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Cognitive Science): Perceptual and cognitive development in early childhood; classification and categorization; interactions between perception and language
  Rachael Holt
Rachael Holt (Speech and Hearing Sciences, Cognitive Science): Development of perception, discrimination, and understanding of speech both in typically developing young children and those who use hearing aids and/or cochlear implants
Raquel Anderson
Raquel Anderson (Speech and Hearing Sciences, Cognitive Science): Typical and atypical language development in multicultural/bilingual children with emphasis on Spanish-English
  Karin James
Karin James (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience): Action and perception interactions during learning; development of object recognition; neural correlates of music processing; reading acquisition
John Bates
John Bates (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Clinical Science): Development of children's behavior problems and competencies; family interaction processes; child temperament, social, cognitive and affective characteristics; socioeconomic variables
  Michael Jones
Michael Jones (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Cognitive Science): Computational models of memory and language; dynamics of knowledge and language acquisition; categorizaion and concept learning; attention in reading and visual navigation; artificial intelligence; specifically swarm intelligence
Bennett Bertenthal
Bennett Bertenthal
(Psychological and Brain Sciences, Neuroscience): Perceptual, motor and cognitive development of the brain
  Susan Jones
Susan Jones (Psychological and Brain Sciences): Early object name learning; development of imitation; infant smiling
Geoffrey Bingham
Geoffrey Bingham (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Cognitive Science): Human visual and haptic perception; event perception; coordination and control of motor activity; visually guided reaching
  Daniel Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy (Psychological and Brain Sciences): Social neuroscience; autism spectrum disorders; social perception; eye tracking; brain connectivity; functional MRI
Thomas Busey
Thomas Busey (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Cognitive Science): Visual perception; recognition memory; face recognition EEG analysis of face and object perception; mathematical modeling techniques applied to above domains
  William Kronenberger
William Kronenberger (Psychiatry, IU School of Medicine): Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (and related problems with executive functioning) assessment and treatment
Rowan Candy
Rowan Candy (Vision Science, Psychological and Brain Sciences, Neuroscience): Normal and abnormal visual development in human infants
  John Kruschke
John Kruschke (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Cognitive Science): Science of morality, Bayesian statistics and applications in models of teaching and learning
Brian D'Ononfrio
Brian D'Onofrio (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Clinical Science): Developmental Psychopathology; behavior genetics; family systems; children's intellectual abilities
  Sharlene Newman
Sharlene Newman (Psychological and Brain Sciences): fMRI of language processes, problem-solving and planning
Karen Forrest
Karen Forrest (Speech and Hearing Sciences, Cognitive Science): Perceptual information in speech production deficits associated with Parkinsonian dysarthria and speech development
  Olaf Sporns
Olaf Sporns (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience): Computational and cognitive neuroscience; functional integration and binding in the cortex; neural models of perception and action; network structure and dynamics; applications of information theory to the brain; embodied cognitive science; robotics
Lisa Gershkoff-Stowe
Lisa Gershkoff-Stowe (Speech and Hearing Sciences, Cognitive Science): Early language development, word retrieval processes, infant communication
  Meredith West
Meredith West (Psychological and Brain Sciences): Development of behavior in animals and humans with a particular interest in how learning and species-typical experience affect ontogenetic and/or phylogenetic processes
Robert Goldstone
Robert Goldstone (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Cognitive Science): Conceptual and perceptual learning; computational models of thought; visual cognition and pattern recognition; analogical reasoning, judgment and decision making
  Chen Yu
Chen Yu
(Psychological and Brain Sciences, Cognitive Science): Cognition development; language acquisition; perceptual intelligence; machine learning

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