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Participants 2009-2010
Anthropology Biology
Lauren Miller GriffithLauren Miller Griffith. Course portfolio for E302: Laboratory in Ethnography. Collin HobbsCollin Hobbs. Course portfolio entitled "Implementing a scaffolding and knowledge-centered approach to teaching phylogenetic analysis to college students" for the course B300: Vascular Plants.
Claire QuimbyClaire Quimby. Course portfolio entitled "Lost Tribes and Sunken Continents” for the course COLL E104: Lost Tribes and Sunken Continents: An Introduction to the Scientific Method. Joseph IpeJoseph Ipe. Course portfolio for L211: Introductory Molecular Biology.
Wendell SchwabWendell Schwab. Course portfolio for E105: Introductio to social and cultural anthropology. Sarah ShannonSarah Shannon. Course portfolio entitled "Investigating the effectiveness of the Science Seeker learning unit in improving students’ ability to read scientific journal articles" for the course L113: Introductory biology laboratory.
Susan SpencerSusan Spencer. Course portfolio entitled "Teaching race in the context of forensic anthropology: Assessing learning on a topic that presents an ethical dilemma." for the course L230: Forensic Anthropology Amelia TomlinsonAmelia Tomlinson. Course portfolio for
Communication and Culture  
Konrad BudziszewskiKonrad Budziszewski. Course portfolio for CMCL C420: Video Games in American Culture.  
Katarzyna ChimielewskaKatarzyna Chimielewska. Course portfolio for C112: Interpersonal Communication.  
Mack HagoodMack Hagood. Course portfolio for C122: Interpersonal Communication.  
Ozan SayOzan Say. Course portfolio for C112: Interpersonal Communication.  
Miranda TedholmMiranda Tedholm. Course portfolio entitled "An Observation Intervention in order to Facilitate
Multi-Contextual Learning in an Interpersonal Communication Class" for the course C112: Interpersonal Communication.