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Participants 2010-2011
Anthropology Biology
Heidi BludauHeidi Bludau. Course portfolio for A104: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. Jonathan BauerJonathan Bauer. Course portfolio entitled "Service-learning in Dunn’s Woods" which examined volunteer activities at Dunn's Woods.
Kimberly MarshallKimberly Marshall. Course portfolio for A208: Expressive Culture: Imagining Indians:
Native American Representation in Music, Film and Literature
Amy CashAmy Cash. Course portfolio entitled "Comparing and Contrasting DNA Replication, Transcription, and Translation in a Student-Centered Environment" for the course L211: Molecular Biology.
Alicia McGillAlicia McGill. Course portfolio entitled "Key Concepts and Unifying Principles in an Introductory Anthropology Class" for the course A104: Human Origins and Prehistory. Harald ParzerHarald Parzer. Course portfolio entitled "Can appropriate pedagogical tools help to overcome student inactivity during class periods? A case study on scientific graphs" for the course L104: Non-infectious diseases and human health.
Dru McGillDru McGill. Course portfolio for A105: Human Origins and Prehistory. Joyce PatrickJoyce Patrick. Course portfolio for M435 Tissue Culture and Virology Lab.
Communication and Culture  
Christopher GilbertChristopher Gilbert. Course portfolio entitled "The Fallacy of Over-Assessing:
An Inquiry Into Quizzing as a Tool for Cooperative Learning" for the course C228: Argumentation and public advocacy.
Javier RamirezJavier Ramirez. Course portfolio entitled "Theoryphobia: A Reflection of Film and Cultural Theory in the Classroom" for the course C201: Introduction to race and the media.  
Cortney SmithCortney Smith. Course portfolio for C205: Introduction to Communication and Culture.  
Valerie WieskampValerie Wieskamp. Course portfolio entitled "Fostering Knowledge Transfer in Rhetorical Situations" for the course C324: Persuasion.