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Indiana University Bloomington

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Core Faculty

Akin Adesokan Associate Professor


adesokan at
Ballantine Hall 906
Jacob Emery Assistant Professor jacemery at
Ballantine Hall 515
David Hertz Professor
hertzd at
Ballantine Hall 907
Jeff Johnson Senior Lecturer
Supervisor of Undergraduate Composition
jwjohnso at
Ballantine Hall 920
Bill Johnston Professor

Director of Graduate Studies

billj at
Ballantine Hall 919
Eileen Julien Professor ejulien at
Ballantine Hall 914
Paul Losensky Professor
plosensk at
Ballantine Hall 917
Herbert Marks Professor marks at
Ballantine Hall 922
Rosemarie McGerr Professor

rmcgerr at
Ballantine Hall 902
Eyal Peretz Professor
eperetz at
Ballantine Hall 921
Sarah Van der Laan

Associate Professor

Director of Undergraduate Studies

spvander at
Ballantine Hall 919

Sonia Velázquez Assistant Professor

velazqus at

Sycamore Hall 326


Joint Faculty

Name Title Contact
Anya Peterson Royce Chancellors' Professor of Anthropology
Chancellors' Professor of Comparative Literature
royce at
Student Building 046


Adjunct Faculty

Name Title Contact
Purnima Bose Associate Professor of English
Director of Cultural Studies

pbose at
Fritz Breithaupt Professor of Germanic Studies fbreitha at
Ballantine Hall 655
J. Peter Burkholder Distinguished Professor of Musicology

burkhold at
Simon Center, 225D
Michel Chaouli Associate Professor of Germanic Studies chaouli at
Ballantine Hall 660
Deborah N. Cohn Professor of Spanish and Portuguese dncohn at
Ballantine Hall 870
Patrick E. Dove Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese pdoveat
Ballantine Hall 874
Vivian Nun Halloran

Associate Professor of American Studies and English
Director of Asian American Studies Program
Ballantine Hall 521

Joan Hawkins Associate Professor of Communication and Culture jchawkin at
800 E. Third St., 211
Douglas R. Hofstadter College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Cognitive Science dughof at
Center for Research on Concepts and Cognition
Dov-Ber Kerler Professor of Germanic Studies
Professor of Jewish Studies
dkerler at
Ballantine Hall 670
Eleanor Winsor Leach Ruth N. Halls Professor of Classical Studies leach at
Ballantine Hall 655
Eric MacPhail Professor of French Literature macphai at
Ballantine Hall 616
Rebecca Manring Associate Professor of Religious Studies rmanring at
Sycamore Hall 326
William Rasch Professor of Germanic Studies wrasch at
Ballantine Hall 654
Edith Sarra Associate Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures esarra at
Goodbody Hall 225
Rakesh H. Solomon
Associate Professor of Theatre and Drama rakesh at
H. Wayne Storey Professor of Italian
Director of Medieval Studies Institute
hstorey at
Ballantine Hall 609
Johannes Türk Associate Professor of Germanic Studies joturk at
Ballantine Hall 677
Russell Scott Valentino Professor of Slavic Languages and Literature
Ballantine Hall 502

Estela Vieira


Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese
Ballantine Hall 867

Marc Weiner Professor of Germanic Studies

weiner at
Ballantine Hall 644


Emeritus Faculty

Name Research Areas Email
Salih Altoma
Professor Emeritus, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Modern Arabic literature; Arab-American Literature; Arabic-Western Literary Relations; American Reception of Contemporary Arabic Literature salih at
Willis Barnstone
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature and Spanish and Portuguese
History and theory of translation; Spanish poetry; contemporary poetry; classical Greek poetry; Biblical studies;Spanish mystics; ecstacy in literature willis.barnstone at
Luis Beltran
Professor Emeritus of Spanish and Portuguese and Comparative Literature

18th Century and Romantic literature in Europe, Goethe, concepts of national identity

beltranl at
Ernest Bernhardt-Kabisch
Professor Emeritus of English and Comparative Literature
English and European Romanticism, Wordsworth and Robert Southey bernhard at
Maryellen Bieder Professor Emerita of Spanish and Portuguese bieder at
Ballantine Hall 877
Peter Bondanella
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Italian, Comparative Literature, and Film Studies
Renaissance and modern literature; comparative literature and literary theory; Italian cinema; Hollywood images of Italian Americans bondanel at
Gilbert Chaitin
Professor Emeritus Comparative Literature and French and Italian
19th- & 20th-century French & European novel; thesis novel; theory, criticism & rhetoric; literature & psychoanalysis, philosophy, politics, education chaitin at
Claus Clüver
Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature
The interrelations of literature, the visual arts, and music, especially visual poetry and other "hybrid" text forms cluver at
Bruce Cole
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Fine Arts and Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature
The art of the Italian Renaissance coleb at
Henry R. Cooper, Jr. Professor Emeritus of Slavic Languages and Literatures cooper at
Ballantine Hall 515
Eugene Eoyang
Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature and of East Asian Languages and Cultu
Areas of translation theory and practice, Chinese literature, Chinese-Western literary relations, globalization, cross-cultural studies, and literary theory eoyang at
Kenneth Gros Louis
Professor Emeritus of English and Comparative Literature

  grosloui at
Karen Hanson Professor Emerita of Philosophy
hansonk at
Roger W. Herzel
Professor, Department of Theatre & Drama
History, Theory and Literature herzelat
Ingeborg Hoesterey Professor Emerita of Comparative Literature and Germanic Studies
20th century German literature, modernism & postmodernism in literature & the visual arts, new lit. theory ihoestere at
Yoshio Iwamoto
Professor Emeritus of East Asian Languages and Cultures and Comparative Literature
Modern Japanese and comparative literature and arts iwamoto at
Sumie Jones
Professor Emerita of Comparative Literature and East Asian Languages and Cultures
Japanese-Western literary relations, 18th-century comparative arts, and early modern Japanese literature joness at
Oscar Kenshur
Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature and Adjunct Professor Emeritus of English and Philosophy
Interrelations between literature and philosophy, particularly in the context of early-modern religio-political culture, and on contemporary theoretical debates concerning ideology and the status of evidence in the sciences and the humanities okenshur at
Rosemary Lloyd
Rudy Professor Emerita of Comparative Literature and French
French 19th- and 20th- century poetry and fiction; interrelationships between literature and the visual arts; artists’ books; translation; Australian literature rolloyd at
Giancarlo Maiorino
Rudy Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature
Comparative Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies, History of Ideas and Intellectual History maiorino at
Fedwa Malti-Douglas
Martha C. Kraft Professor Emerita of Humanities
Professor of Gender Studies and Comparative Literature

bethel at
Law Building 341

Breon Mitchell
Professor Emeritius of Comparative Literature and Director Emeritius of the Lilly Library
Comparative Arts, literary translation, Anglo-German literary relations, literature and visual arts mitchellat

James O. Naremore
Professor Emeritus of English, Film Studies, and Comparative Literature

Comparative literature, english, film studies, speech communication

naremor at

Angela Pao
Associate Professor acpao at
Ballantine Hall 905
Darlene Sadlier Professor Emerita of Spanish and Portugues sadlier at
Ballantine Hall 806

Suzanne Stetkevych Ruth N. Halls Professor Emerita of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures stetkevy at
Goodbody Hall 319
Mihály Szegedy-Maszák
Professor Emeritus of Comparative Literature and Central Eurasian Studies
Cultural studies, comparative literature, Interacts studies, narratology, structuralism and translation, romanticism, nationalism, modernism and postmodernism szegedym at
Bronislava Volkova
Professor Emerita of Slavic Languages and Literatures volkova at
Ballantine Hall 512
Carl Ziegler
Associate Professor Emeritus of Germanic Studies and Comparative Literature
  ziegler at