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Degree Requirements

All students in addition to fulfilling the degree requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, must complete the Comparative Literature requirements specified below:

Approved Revised Requirements:

Any approved substitutions of courses from other departments, submitted in accordance with the guidelines established for the optional concentrations in Literature Across Cultures, Literature in European Traditions, and Comparative Arts. For more information contact us at 812-855-7070.

Required Courses

The first required course in the Comparative Literature major (C205) provides training in literary interpretation. The course also fulfills the College of Arts and Sciences (COAS) Intensive Writing Requirement. It is followed by the study of comparative approaches to literature (C305). These two courses should be completed as early as possible. The full list of requirements for the Comparative Literature major and emphases can be found in the COAS Bulletin. A general suggestion for a study plan covering the first four semesters, as well as a listing of the general COAS requirements for all undergraduate degrees, can be found in the University Division Bulletin. Students who wish to substitute one required course with another should file a written petition with the Comparative Literature Undergraduate Committee through the department's Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Detailed descriptions of Comparative Literature course offerings are available from the department office no later than the pre-registration period for any given semester or summer session. Student evaluations of all courses as they have been taught previously have been compiled by the Comparative Literature SAB and can be consulted in the office.

Students in other schools like Music or Journalism, may declare Comparative Literature as their outside field concentration.

Double Major

Students in the College may want to consider completing the requirements for a double major in Comparative Literature and another discipline. Frequent combinations with Comparative Literature involve English or a foreign language and literature, folklore, history, philosophy, fine arts, or Communication and Culture. A double major must be approved by both departments or schools involved, and students should see advisers in both departments as soon as possible (see also the COAS Bulletin).


Students may receive a minor in Comparative Literature by completing (15 credits) five courses in Comparative Literature. Four courses at the 200 level or above with at least 3 courses (9 credits) at the 300 level or above.

Undergraduate Honors Program

For students who have maintained a high level of academic achievement, the Department of Comparative Literature's Undergraduate Honors Program offers several opportunities for advanced seminar work and independent study and research under the guidance of faculty members.


For graduation process, please consult the following web site:
Graduate Information Application