• Change Directives
  • Emergency contact
  • Substantial completion
  • Other miscellaneous

Change Directives

Q – Are CCD’s sent to the projects Construction Manager?

                A - No. They are sent to Construction Business Coordinator, who then routes them internally.

Emergency Contact

Q – Something happens after business hours or on a weekend, how do I get a hold of a specific contractor?

A – There is a report on ProjectDox labeled, Construction Management Emergency Construction  Numbers, you can look at for a specific project.

Substantial Completion

Q – I heard the project (x) was substantially complete, yet people are still working on the building. Why?

 A – Substantially complete means the space, room, building, etc. is inhabitable, but there still may be some finish work going on.

Other miscellaneous

Q – Is the projects IU Construction Manager the same as a projects IU Project Manager.

 A – For IU, yes, the Construction Manager may also be known as the Project Manager or vice-versa.