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Scholarships Links

Scholarships are arranged from the most general to the most specific.
Click below to jump to a specific category.

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Journalism  Law  Medical  Science   Studying Abroad  Religion 

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Note: Requirements and descriptions are listed in (parentheses).

General Scholarships

(US citizen)

(Grade: 12)

(Grade: 12)

(Grade: 12, Contest)

(Grade: 12, US Citizen)

(Grade: 12 with Financial Need)

(Grade: 12, GPA: 2.0, Accredited Institution)

(Grade: 12, Financial Need, Achievement)

(Grade: 5-12, Volunteers)

(Grade: 11, 12 or Undergrad, must Write an Essay)

(Grade: 9-12 at time of contest deadline, Essay Contest)

(Holocaust Remembrance Essay Contest)

(Ayn Rand Essay Contests)

(Enrolled in Eligible Schools)

(Merit- and Need-Based)

(Have taken PSAT, US Citizen)

(GPA: 3.0, SAT: 1100, ACT: 25)

(Outstanding Achievers)

(GPA: 2.5, must Work 15 hrs/week, show Community Leadership)

(Girls-Going-Places, Entrepreneurs ages 12-18)

(GPA: 3.6 SAT: 1850 or ACT: 28, Financial Need,
US Citizen, College Enrollment)

(For Student Activists)

(Grade: 12, GPA: 2.0, Financial need, US Resident,
Community Activities and Demonstrated
Integrity and Perseverance in Overcoming Adversity)

(Financial Need, Academic Performance, Extracurriculars)

(Live in the Northeast US)

Roy Wilkins (US citizen, NAACP member, GPA: 2.5)

Agnes Jones Jackson (US citizen, NAACP member,
GPA: 2.5 and an Undergrad or
GPA: 3.0 and a Grad student)

Lilliam and Samuel Sutton Scholarship
(US citizen, NAACP member,
GPA: 2.5 and an Undergrad or
GPA: 3.0 and a Grad student)

Hubertus W.V. Willems (GPA: 2.5 and an Undergrad or GPA: 3.0
and a Grad student, NAACP member, Male, Majors:
Engineering, Chemistry, Physics or Math, have Financial Need)

(GPA: 2.5, SAT: 920, ACT: 19, Must be 17 years old
within the first semester of freshman year,
be willing to serve in the Army ROTC or Navy)


(Winners must serve in the AFROTC)

(For Grad students, various)


Scholarships for Females

(Various Scholarships)

(Various Grants and Fellowships)

Race-specific General Scholarships


(Must be a US/Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident,
or have an F1 Visa)

(GPA: 2.2, Fellowship)

(Actuarial Scholarship)

(Grade: 12, Accreditted Institution)

(Grade: 9-12, Show Leadership, Financial Need, Academic

(GPA: 3.3, Entering Freshman at a 4-year College)

(Various scholarships)

(Various Scholarships)

(Must be nominated, Architecture Program)

(GPA: 3.0, Respiratory Care Training at an Accreditted University)

African American

(Financial Aid for Primary and Secondary School [not College])

(Grade: 9-12)

(Grade: 9-12, taken PSAT or NMSQT)

(Miscellaneous Scholarships)

(Grade: K-12)


(Community Service, Financial Need, US Citizen, 4-year College)

(GPA: 3.0, US Citizen or Permanent Resident)

Major-specific Scholarships


(Various Scholarships, Contests, etc.)

(Grade: 7-12, Arts and Writing)

(Students of Music, Various Scholarships)


(Women and Minority Scholarships for those Entering a
Postgraduate Athletics Program)

(GPA: 3.2, Postgraduate, Nominated by a Faculty Athletics

(6th-year Undergrad Athletes who are
within 30 hours of graduation in Division I)

(6th-year Undergrad Athletes who
are within 30 houdrs of graduation in Division II)


(Top 20% of Class, Junior or Senior Undergrad)
Earl Graves

(Grade: 12)

(Grade: 12 or Undergrad
(to be) enrolled in a Food-Service
related College with Food-Service Work Experience)

(Graduates with a Liberal Arts Degree who intend to
enroll in a Graduate Accounting Program, US Citizen)


(Grade: 12, US citizen)

(Various Scholarships)

(Minorities, Various Scholarships)

(African American, Various Scholarships)

(Grade: 12, GPA: 2.7, African American, American Indian
or Latino, SAT: 1000 or ACT: 25,
Admitted to College and Designated an Engineering

(Must be Nominated)

History/Political Science-Oriented

(Various Scholarships)


(Various Grants to Journalism Associations)

(For Members of the NABJ)

(For Asian Americans)

(Minorities, Various)


(Grade: 12, US Citizen)

(GPA: 3.0, Paralegal Study)

(Minorities, Intellectual Property Law)

(Selected by Dean)


(Health sciences, Various)

(For Nursing Students)

(Nursing and Medical, Various)

(Nursing, US Citizen or National)

(Be enrolled in an Accredited Nursing
Program in good standing, be an NBNA member)

(Nursing Scholarships and loans)


(Grade:12 in US, Exchange, or US territories)

(Student(s) must have an original invention with Advisor Support)

(GPA: 3.0, AORN membership for 1 year prior)

(Chemistry-related Fields, Minorities encouraged,
Grade: 12, College freshmen, sophomores, or juniors)

(GPA: 3.0, Computer Science/Engineering)

Going Abroad Scholarships

(GPA: 3.3, enrolled in an IES program to Asia/Pacific,
Delhi, Adelaide, Amsterdam, Aukland, Christchurch,
Dublin, London, Melbourne, Sydney, Nagoya,
Buenos Aires, Quito, Santiago)

(GPA: 3.3, enrolled in IES program to Argentina, Chile,
Ecuador, China, India, or Ireland)

(enrolled in IES program to Spanish-speaking
country, going to a private school in the IES
consortium, receiving financial aid from home school)

(GPA: 3.3, enrolled in an IES program, high achievements)

(GPA: 3.3, enrolled in an IES program, show leadership)

(GPA: 3.3, enrolled in IES program,
urban issues interests paper req.)

(attend an IES Consortium private school,
get financial aid from home school, have financial need)

(GPA: 3.3, Business major, be enrolled in a
semester-year abroad, project req.)

(GPA: 3.3, Science major, enrolled in IES program)

Cross-Culture/Comparative Studies/Foreign Relations-Oriented

(GPA: 3.3, enrolled in an IES program)

(GPA: 3.3, enrolled in an IES program, foreign relations major)


(GPA: 3.3, studying Visual Arts, Music,
Drama, Creative Writing, etc..)


(GPA: 3.3, studying foreign languages in Mandarin,
French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish)


(GPA: 3.3, enrolled in IES for one year, receiving financial aid
from home school and going to a private school that’s
a member of the IES Consortium)

For Minorities:

(attend an HBCU school that is in the IES
consortium, home school aid transfer to IES)

(GPA: 3.3, enrolled in an IES program)

(parents attended an IES program)

(Must be able to speak/read/write language
of host country, specifics vary from club to club)

Religion-Specific Scholarships

(Attend Missouri Baptist College as a Theology Major)

(Theology or Ministry Majors of Baptist faith who intend to
pursue a career as a Southern Baptist Minister, foreign
missionary or as a Christian educator)

(Reside in NYC, Philadelphia, Providence, or
Washington D.C. with strong spiritual values)

(for Minority students planning on attending a Baptist college)

(for Minority students of certain faiths who are
Majoring in Broadcasting, Communications,
Journalism, or a Religious major)

(Grade: 12, African American,
Baptist faith going to a Baptist college in Texas)

(Religion/Theology Majors going to a Methodist College)

(Religion/Theology Majors attending McKendree College)

(Attending Ferrum College)

(Religion/Theology Majors enrolled in Illinois Weslayan University)

(Music/Theology students of the Methodist Faith)

(Theology Majors of Methodist Faith
planning to pursue a Career in Ministry)

(Minority United Methodist students Majoring in Art,
Business, Consumer Relations, Communications, or Journalism)

(Member of any National Baptist Convention Church)

(For Jewish students, Various)

Other Specific Scholarships

(Grad students pursuing a career in School Superintendency)

(For those with Hepatitis C or dependents
of those with HPC, Hispanic or African American)

(HBCU Undergrad of a Historically Black College,
NAACP Member, GPA: 2.5, financial need)

(For sons or daughters of Siemens employees, SAT req.)

(For DECA members, Various scholarships)

(For those with Parents of 50% Italian ancestry, GPA: 3.75)

(For Juniors who have completed the American
Legion Girls or Boys program who are children,
grandchildren, or great-grandchildren of War Vets)

(For children of Vets who died on active duty on/after Sept. 11, 2001)

(For graduating high school seniors with asthma)

(For graduating high school senior girls
who participated in a Junior Miss program)

(For children or grandchildren of Elks Members, Grade: 12)

(For children/stepchildren of deceased or disabled Elks members,
under the age of 23 as of Dec. 31 of the application year)

(For Civilian Federal/Postal employees or their dependents, GPA: 3.0)

(For Florida Residents, Various Scholarships)

(For Georgia Residents)

(For Key Club Members of 2 Years)

(Ror Northern New Mexico Students)

(Grade: 12, live in Utah, Idaho, Texas,
Colorado or Virginia with SAT of 1350 or
ACT of 30, with GPA: 3.5, planning to Major in Engineering,
Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry or Material Sciences)

(Grade: 12, live in Maine)

(For University of Arkansas entering Freshmen)

(For children of active, reserve, honorably discharged,
medically discharged, or deceased Marines or
Navy Corpsmen who served with the Marines, or
grandchildren of Marines in specifically listed squads)

(For students who desire employment at the National
Institute of Health, from a disadvantaged background, GPA: 3.5)

(Resident of the Washington Metropolitan Area,
African American, GPA: 3.5, Financial Need,
Citizen/Permanent Resident, Graduating Senior)

(Syracuse University students, Various Scholarships)

(For Blind Scholars, Various Scholarships)

(Must be Nominated and Attend a select few Universities)

(For Female Grad Students with a Disability)

(For Native Americans pursuing a Health Service degree)

(For Indian students, Various Scholarships)

(For those Orphaned before the Age of 18)

(For Chess Players – Contest)

(For members or children of members
of Unions in the Union Plus Program)

(For Berkely Students, 4.1 GPA)

(Various Bowling Scholarships)

(For those with Hearing Loss)

(For Civil Air Patrol Members)

(For Meredith College Students)

(For GBLT students, GPA: 3.0, Community Service)

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(African American)




College Help Pages

(For Minorities)