Indiana University Bloomington

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The Commission on Personal Safety (CPS) at Indiana University Bloomington was initially established by a proclamation of the Chancellor in 1987 in order to address issues of women's safety on campus. Today, this mission has expanded to tackle safety concerns affecting all members of the IUB campus, including but not limited to pedestrian and bicycle safety, sexual assault prevention, coordination with other campus safety units, and facilities and lighting.
CPS carries out most of its work through standing committees: Sexual Assault Prevention, Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety, Facilities and Services All committees are represented on the Executive Committee. This Executive Committee is co-chaired by Yvette Alex-Assensoh, Dean of the Office for Women's Affairs (OWA), and Pete Goldsmith, Dean of Students/Vice President for Student Affairs. In addition, representatives from IUSA, Sexual Assault Crisis Service (SACS), the IUB Police Department, the Protective Order Project, and other faculty and students serve on the Executive Committee. Ad hoc committees are occasionally established as well to address relevant safety issues.
Faculty, staff, and students interested in volunteering to work on a standing committee or otherwise assist the Commission on Personal Safety should contact the Office for Women's Affairs (OWA) at 812-855-3849 or e-mail for further information.