Chris Craft

Christopher Craft, Professional Wetland Scientist, Duey-Murphy Professor of Rural Land Policy, School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Lab Phone: 812-856-7491
Office Phone: 812-856-1837

Nate Barnett Nathan Barnett (MPA/MSES student). Nathan is studying how sea level rise and saltwater intrusion in coastal areas affects tidal wetland nutrient cycling, particularly carbon and nitrogen.
Kate Drake Kate Drake (MSES student) is studying carbon sequestration in salt marshes in the northeast. She is interested in environmental restoration, particularly of coastal ecosystems.
Ellen Herbert Ellen Herbert (PhD student). Ellen is interested in the effects of climate change, sea level rise and saltwater intrusion, on carbon cycling and long-term stability of coastal wetlands.
Jenna Nawrock Jenna Nawrocki (MSES student). Jenna is interested in environmental restoration and wildlife conservation and works in the lab on soil and plant sample analyses.
Indiana University Bloomington
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