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Sustainability Research Grants Awarded

Five Indiana University research projects -- examining topics that include forest management in the U.S., land use patterns in Brazil and Honduras and student transportation choices in Bloomington -- have been awarded IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs Sustainability Research Development Grants.

Projects and researchers selected for the awards include:


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Past Events

Transport Electrification Panel: Meeting II

Held October 18-19, 2010. The 13-member panel's work was released February 2, 2011 at a news conference in Washington, D.C. The full report is available at the link below.

Plug-in Electric Vehicles: A Practical Plan for Progress, The Report of an Expert Panel, February 2011

Transport Electrification Panel: Meeting I

May 10-11, 2010

President Obama has established goals, policies, and public funding to advance plug-in vehicles and overcome the barriers inhibiting commercialization. During his candidacy, he announced a goal of putting one million plug-in electric vehicles on the road by 2015. In 2009, President Obama designated $2.4 billion in stimulus funds to battery technology development and manufacturing capacity expansion ($1.5 billion), recycling capacity development for lithium batteries ($500 million), and infrastructure concepts ($400 million).

The Transport Electrification Panel (TEP), organized and funded by the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA), will convene at an informal workshop on May 10-11, to address the adequacy of President Obama's policies.

The panel will represent a diversity of disciplines and perspectives, similar to a panel of the National Academy of Sciences or National Academy of Public Administration, but it is not designed as a stakeholder negotiation -project description.

The Formation and Change of Public Attitudes Toward Carbon Capture and Storage: State and Local Responses to Persuasive Communication

April 30, 2010

On April 30, the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs hosted an informal workshop to help guide a new project on the formation of public knowledge and attitudes toward carbon capture and storage (CCS) at coal-fired power plants. We are particularly interested in how public view is likely to be formed and changed over time in an adversarial context, where proponents and opponents of CCS have an opportunity to design and deliver divergent messages.

Our purpose is not to develop risk education materials or to lay the groundwork for public acceptance or rejection of CCS. Rather, we seek to determine which messages (and associated contexts) are likely to be influential in the formation of public knowledge and attitudes. Such information will make a contribution to the scientific literature and may also be useful to multiple stakeholders with differing views -project description.

The Search for Wise Energy Policy

June 11, 2009

On June 11, the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA) presented "The Search for Wise Energy Policy," a conference featuring energy experts and academics tackling complex issues on the future of energy. The conference had four panels:

Panelist presentations from the conference are available here.

For more information about the conference, including a full list of topics and panelists see The Search for Wise Energy Policy conference website.