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Haitian Creole-English Bilingual Dictionary


This latest dictionary from the Creole Institute is the most exhaustive dictionary yet assembled. An excellent companion to the Learner’s Dictionary of Haitian Creole, this dictionary contains 30,000 separate word entries with 70,000 word meanings. Anyone who regularly reads texts in Haitian Creole will surely find this to be an invaluable resource. This project has been supported through a grant from the United States Department of Education Title VI. (781 pages, hard cover)

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Learner’s Dictionary of Haitian Creole

Over five years in the making, this dictionary is an invaluable tool for English-speaking students of Haitian Creole at any level of competence. Over 7,000 Haitian Creole entries include sample sentences compiled from written texts and oral sources. The dictionary is English-Haitian Creole with a reverse index. This project has been funded by the United States Department of Education International Research and Studies Program, Title VI. (600 pages, hard cover)
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Ann pale kreyōl
Elementary and Intermediate Haitian Creole (1988, rev. 2001, 278 pages)

Ann pale kreyōl is a comprehensive set of teaching materials designed to provide learners with a thorough grounding in the sounds, grammar, and vocabulary of Haitian Creole. It includes 25 chapters, each containing dialogue materials, grammar sections, and extensive practice materials progressing from drill to communicative activities. Also included is a guided introduction to the official spelling system, varied listening comprehension sections, keyed exercises, and reading selections covering aspects of Haitian geography and history. The book is illustrated with many line drawings; a 1200 word Creole-English glossary is appended. Ann pale kreyōl differs from its predecessor (A Basic Course in Haitian Creole) by the use of the official (IPN) spelling, by the inclusion of drawings illustrating objects and actions, and by a more accurate and authentic portrayal of Haitian culture.

Ann pale kreyōl is the most comprehensive set of teaching materials available for Haitian Creole. Designed for persons who wish to acquire a working command of the language sufficient to communicate with monolingual speakers, it is eminently suitable for both use in formal courses as well as for self-instruction. 2001 Revised Edition now available.
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A complete set of recordings to accompany the text is available as a 10-CD set. These recordings contain nearly all the material in the text.  A two CD recording is also available. These contain the dialogues and listening comprehension for each lesson. (Note the 'Koute Byen' section is not included in this set)

All of these materials have been extensively tested by use with several U.S. Peace Corps groups in Haiti and in courses taught at Indiana University.

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Dictionary of Louisiana Creole

This is the only comprehensive dictionary of Louisiana French Creole! This dictionary provides English and French meaning equivalents and Creole contextual examples. It also contains two indexes: French-Creole and English-Creole. This project has been funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, grant RT21614-94. (656 pages, hard cover).
This dictionary is no longer in print. If you wish to purchase it, you may contact us via e-mail or phone listed at the bottom of the page.

Discovering Cajun French through the spoken word CD-ROM

With this CD-ROM, those who are interested in Louisiana French will be able not only to consult a representative list of terms from the language’s lexicon and to read texts illustrating how the language is used in everyday communicative interactions, but also to hear the speech of French-speaking Louisianians. This CD-ROM brings together 35 transcribed texts totaling 155 pages from which we have taken over 100 minutes of oral excerpts, some from interviews recorded on site, others from radio archives. The whole collection covers the speech of 32 towns in 13 parishes of the French-speaking Triangle. This project has been funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, Division of Preservation and Access, grant #PA-23298-99.
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