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The Creole Institute and the Indiana University Press proudly announce 


Ann pale kreyōl
by Albert Valdman

In collaboration with
Renote Rosemond
Illustrations by
Pierre-Henri Philippe

Still the best textbook available for learning HC!

Ann pale kreyōl
Elementary and Intermediate Haitian Creole
Ann pale kreyōl is a comprehensive set of teaching materials designed to provide learners with a thorough grounding in the sounds, grammar, and vocabulary of Haitian Creole. Lessons contain dialogue materials, grammar sections, and extensive practice materials progressing from drills to communicative activities. The text includes a guided introduction to the official spelling system, varied listening comprehension sections, keyed exercises, and reading selections covering aspects of Haitian geography and history. The book is illustrated and contains a 1,200 word Creole-English glossary. Designed for persons who wish to acquire a working command of the language sufficient to communicate with monolingual speakers, it is eminently suitable for use in formal courses as well as self-instruction. Ann pale krčyol has been extensively tested by several U.S. Peace Corps groups in Haiti and in courses taught at Indiana University. (264 pages + 14 pages of front matter, soft bound)

Ann pale kreyōl CDs
A complete set of recordings to accompany the Ann pale kreyōl text is available as a 10-CD set. These recordings contain all of the material in the text in addition to the dialogues and listening comprehension exercises for each lesson. A set of two CDs is also available. This smaller set contains only the dialogues and listening comprehension exercises for each lesson (Note the 'Koute Byen' section is not included in this set).

“Your Haitian Creole material is excellent. I have been to Haiti 4 times and your books have helped me learn and understand the language."
 —Dale Moyers, April 25, 2004

Ann pale kreyōl is consistent and covers the range of topics necessary to learn HC.”
 CreoLIST posting, February 25, 1999

ˇ  A look at lesson one of Ann pale kreyōl

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