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Learner’s Dictionary of Haitian Creole

Over five years in the making, this dictionary is an invaluable tool for English-speaking students of Haitian Creole at any level of competence. Over 7,000 Haitian Creole entries include sample sentences compiled from written texts and oral sources. The dictionary is English-Haitian Creole with a reverse index. (600 pages, hard cover).

  • The dictionary focuses on the needs of American English-speaking students and provides common English words and expressions, and common Haitian Creole equivalents, with emphasis on cultural appropriateness from both an American and Haitian perspective.
  • Sample sentences in each entry provide a rich context of usage for Creole words.
  • Semantic and contextual information: The numerous, often lengthy examples are a particularly unusual feature for a bilingual dictionary, a welcome addition in the absence of comprehensive monolingual lexical resources.
  • A sketch of the language is provided with a brief historical/demographic overview of the language.
  • A pronunciation and spelling guide introduces the sounds used in Haitian Creole (as contrasted with similar sounds in English), and the current spelling system.
  • Extensive cross-referencing assists the user in locating a full profile of closely related entries and examples.
  • The Haitian Creole-English index is useful for translation from Haitian Creole to English.

This project has been funded by the United States Department of Education International Research and Studies Program, research contract number PO17A00045.

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