Doctoral Degree: Admission to Candidacy

Until you complete all requirements but the dissertation (including the Qualifying Examination), you are known as a “doctoral student.” After you have passed your Qualifying Examination and completed all requirements except the dissertation, you become a “doctoral candidate.”

Qualification for Candidacy (to be completed prior to beginning the dissertation)

  • 60 hours course credit
  • Completion of P594, two graduate-level courses in statistics
  • Reading knowledge of a foreign language or research skills requirement (P599, Research Practicum, or their equivalent)
  • At least one minor area of study from outside the Criminal Justice Department. Requirements for the outside minor will be specified by that unit.

Formal Admission to Candidacy

  • Following the passing of the qualifying examinations and the completion of all course work, the Director of Graduate Studies will submit a “Nomination to Candidacy” form to the University Graduate School.
  • Upon approval of the Dean, the student will be admitted to candidacy and
  • awarded a Certificate of Candidacy.
  • The date of successful completion of the qualifying examinations is the date used in determining the seven-year periods for currency of course and completion of dissertation (see Graduate Bulletin).