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What requires an advising appointment?
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Criminal Justice Academic Advisors

Andy Bloomgarden

Andy Bloomgarden, M.ED., is the Undergraduate Academic Advisor who works with current, returning and prospective students interested in the Criminal Justice Program and who are seeking a major, certificate, minor or another degree. Andy is the Advisor for the Criminal Justice Student Association (CJSA) and works on the Professional Development Committee for the Bloomington Academic Advising Council. Andy earned his Master’s of Adult and Higher Education in 2011 and previously worked at the University of Oklahoma as a Senior Academic Advisor and Graduation Coach for five years before returning to Indiana University in 2014.
Andy’s Office is located in Sycamore Hall 336. His e-mail address is ajbloomg@indiana.edu.

Krystie Herndon

Krystie Herndon, M.L.S, M.S., 2009 College Advisor of the Year, is the Undergraduate Academic advisor who also works with current, returning, and prospective students interested in the Criminal Justice Program and who are seeking a major, certificate, minor, or another degree. Krystie also advises in two other departments in the College. She earned her master’s of library science from IU in 2006, her master’s of science in higher education in 2012, and is currently working on a doctorate in higher education administration.   Krystie has over 25 years of experience at IU, including admissions and academic records.
Her office is located in Sycamore Hall 301. Her e-mail address is kherndon@indiana.edu.
The Undergraduate advisors can advise current Criminal Justice students here at IU Bloomington on degree requirements, or the CJUS certificate or minor requirements, internship opportunities, and other volunteer, academic, and wellness opportunities within the department, on campus and in town, as well as graduate school and career planning.  They may also have information about research and employment opportunities that are available in Indiana and across the country. 

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What requires an advising appointment?

If you are a student in the College of Arts and Sciences, please schedule an appointment to do the following:

  • If you are interested in pursuing a CJUS major
  • If you want to officially declare your CJUS 2nd degree
  • If you have questions about your degree or CJUS major requirements and your progress, that require a review of your Academic Advisement Report by an advisor in order to answer the questions
  • If you are interested in any of the following:  Departmental Honors (P399 and P499), the National Criminal Justice Honor Society (Alpha Phi Sigma), Internship requirements (P481), Individual Readings and Projects (P495)

Please note:  you do not need to meet with an advisor to declare your CJUS minor unless we advise you to do so or if you choose to do so.

  • Please email a CJUS advisor with your name and student ID# to have your minor declared.  A follow up email will be sent to you confirming the courses that count towards your minor and any that you may still need to take.  

If you are a student whose major is not in the College of Arts and Sciences, please schedule an appointment to do the following:

  • If you want to officially declare your CJUS major or certificate.  Please note:  we may ask you to schedule an appointment to declare your minor. 
    • To declare a certificate in CJUS, you will need to wait until you have completed the last class for the certificate requirements to have this declared.  Please contact a CJUS advisor once you have completed your certificate requirements, so this can be processed.

To all students, please schedule an advising appointment,

If you have questions about your progress towards your CJUS major, minor or certificate, and or COLL BA degree requirements (if applicable) and progress, that will require a review of your Academic Advisement Report (AAR) by an advisor in order to answer the questions, please schedule an advising appointment or come to walk-in hours.
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How to schedule an appointment with a CJUS advisor

Please call the main office at (812) 855-9325 to schedule an advising appointment with one of the Criminal Justice advisors.  All advising appointments are scheduled through the main Criminal Justice office, which is open 8-12pm and 1-5pm, Monday-Friday.  Advising office hours are from 9-12pm and 1-4pm Monday through Friday, subject to variation and dependent upon previously scheduled appointments.

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Academic Advising Syllabus

Please see our Academic Advising Syllabus for more information on how your Criminal Justice advisor can help you navigate your undergraduate experience so you can meet your academic and career goals. It also includes helpful tips and resources which will help you get the most of your advising experience.

Academic Advising Syllabus

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Graduation and beyond

  • Apply for graduation
  • Information related to graduation ceremonies
  • Keep in touch

    We are working to bridge the gap between alumni and our department. There are several opportunities for you to be involved with our department and we hope that at least one of them will be of interest to you. In addition to letting us know what is new with you, please think about the following ways that you might reconnect with us:

    • Are you willing to be interviewed for the departmental alumni newsletter or our new website, to be the subject of an alumni profile?
    • Can your place of employment provide an internship opportunity for any of our students? (Remember, our majors come from all over the country, and many are from Indiana)
    • Would your work experience make for an interesting presentation to the Criminal Justice Student Association?
    • Would you be willing to serve as a resource for students who might be pursuing a career similar to yours?
    • Does your place of employment have a job opportunity that may be applicable to our students?

    If any of these possibilities are of interest to you, or if you have a suggestion for another way to reconnect with the department, please send an email to crimjust@indiana.edu.

    Are you interested in supporting the next generation of Criminal Justice professionals?

    Our students work very hard so they can attend college. Many work multiple jobs while attending classes so that they can accomplish their goals and make their dreams of graduation a reality. Your support truly benefits the next generation of criminal justice workers—these students want to be researchers, law enforcement officers, graduate students, professors, investigators, child protective services advocates, probation officers, court officials, lawyers, and much more. Are you interested in establishing a criminal justice departmental scholarship for these future colleagues? If so, please contact Judy Kelley at kelleyj@indiana.edu or 812-855-9880 for assistance.

  • Indiana University Alumni Association

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