Undergraduate Program


Please follow the links below to the IU College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin pages for the Department of Criminal Justice. Requirements for our major/minor/certificate vary based on the year you started at IU or transferred to IU Bloomington. If you have any questions about which degree requirements you need to follow, or started at IUB prior to May 2011, please contact your academic advisor.

Requirements* for students who started at IUB after May 2013

Requirements* for students who started at IUB from May 2011-April 2013

*CJUS-P314 is the new course number for CJUS-P202. P314 counts for P202 in the major, minor, or certificate. It will not count as a 300/400 level elective in the major, minor, or certificate.

Departmental Honors

The department offers outstanding students the opportunity to pursue important issues and problems in depth and to work closely with faculty in the departmental honors program. Students who have completed P100, P200, P202 or P314, P290, and K300, and who have a College of Arts and Sciences grade point average of at least 3.300, may be admitted to the honors program in their junior year. For graduation with a B.A. with honors in criminal justice, students must:

  • Earn a GPA of 3.300 or higher in the major upon graduation.
  • Complete P399 Honors Seminar. In P399 the student will do exploratory reading in an area of interest, select and develop a research topic, and write a prospectus for the honors thesis.
  • Write and present an undergraduate honors thesis under the direction of a faculty advisor. The thesis must be read and approved by a three-person faculty committee. A maximum of 6 hours of credit may be earned for the honors thesis by registering for P499.
  • Complete all other requirements for a major in criminal justice.