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Research properly conceived and directed is essential to both the fraternity world and higher education. Past contributions of the American college fraternity to higher education have been documented and are recognized as unique and substantial. Institutions of higher education are dynamic and expectation for continuing change make it essential for the fraternity world to keep pace with trends and developments in higher education. There is a need for continued quality research on the American college fraternity for the benefit of fraternity leaders, alumni volunteers, professional staff, and university administrators.

The Center for the Study of the College Fraternity was formed in 1979 to encourage and support research of the highest quality and educational significance on the role of the American college fraternity in higher education. The Center fulfills this mission in part through research grants, master's and doctoral awards, publication of monographs, and the indexing and collection of completed research projects.

The Center is based on the campus of Indiana University Bloomington, further strengthening the relationship between the American college fraternity and higher education.

The Center is governed by a Board of Directors composed of leaders (administrators, faculty, and practitioners) from the fraternity and sorority community and higher education. An Executive Director deals with the day-to-day operations of the Center. Specific projects of the Center are directed by volunteers, many of whom work at institutions of higher education or for fraternities and sororities. The Center works in collaboration with other fraternal and higher education organizations including:

Membership Information
To achieve its research mission, the Center depends on annual tax-deductible membership support from fraternity and sorority chapters, national organizations, undergraduate councils, student activities or Greek affairs offices, and individual donors. Ongoing support gives momentum to programs and services, plus allows the Center to add important new dimensions for meeting the demands of the fraternity and university communities.

If you would like to join your colleagues as members in supporting the Center, membership applications are available online. You may also download a PDF of our 2009 brochure.

Contact Information
Executive Director:  Steve Veldkamp
Doctoral Associate: Dawn Maynen

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Center for the Study of the College Fraternity
900 E. 7th St. IMU 371
Bloomington, IN   47405

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(812) 855-1235