Consortium for Self-Governance in Africa (CSGA)



The Consortium for Self-Governance (CSGA) is an association of teaching and research centers and research-action organizations in Africa and the United States. Our mission is to help the diverse peoples of Africa enhance their own capacities to govern themselves. Each of our member organizations strives to realize a shared vision of democratic governance securely grounded in local culture. We are convinced that effective institutions of self-governance must be home-grown and consistently nurtured if these institutions are to survive and flourish.


CSGA was established to improve communication and to facilitate collaboration among organizations using different means to pursue similar goals. Members of the Consortium are committed to long-term research projects on Africa's governance challenges and to the development of teaching and training programs designed to strengthen and enhance the capacities of the peoples of Africa to design, craft and strengthen "bottom-up" approaches to the constitution of order. Specific activities include conferences and a compilation of relevant resource materials, including original publications by Consortium members.


Membership in CGSA is open to other individuals and organizations who share these goals. For more information, contact Amos Sawyer (

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