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Costs & Policies for Copies from the CSHM

Transcript copies: 25 cents per page

Audiocassette tape copies: $5.00 per one-hour tape

Note: Please contact our office prior to sending payment to check on the accessibility of the materials you want copied.

Copy costs are payable by check or money order made out to "Indiana University" and mailed to: Center for the Study of History and Memory, Indiana University, Weatherly Hall North, Room 122, 400 North Sunrise Drive, Bloomington, IN 47405. Please include a note specifying the copies requested and the mailing address where copies are to be sent.

The archive of the Center for the Study of History and Memory at Indiana University is open to the use of researchers. The collection of oral history interviews is indexed in our online finding aid, and the accessibility of interviews is dependent on the deed of gift for each interview.

Copies of transcript pages are available only when such copies are permitted by the deed of gift signed by the interviewee. Scholars must honor any restrictions the interviewee placed on the use of an interview. Since some of our earlier (pre-computer) transcripts do not yet exist in final form, any editing marks in a transcript (deletions, additions, corrections) are to be quoted as marked. Tapes may not be copied for patrons unless the deed of gift permits it. Because our interviewees edit their transcripts, the transcript (if one exists) is the only version of the interview that may be quoted for publication. Interviews may not be reproduced in full for any public use, but excerpted quotes may be used as long as scholars fully cite any Indiana University Center for the Study of History and Memory data in their research, including accession number, interview date, interviewee's and interviewer's names, and page(s).

Suggested citation method (may be adapted to be consistent to one's citation style):

Interview with John Smith, p. 23. Conducted by Jane Doe, 10 April 1994, Bloomington, Indiana. Indiana University Center for the Study of History and Memory #94-22.

Barbara Truesdell, Ph.D. Assistant Director Center for the Study of History and Memory. Last Revised: 28 February 2013

Center for the Study of History and Memory
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Weatherly Hall North, Room 122
400 North Sunrise Drive
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