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American Memory: Historical Collections at the Library of Congress.

Storycenter BLOG. In addition to info on their workshops and programs, list of resources and articles related to digital storytelling.

Center for Northern Appalachian Studies at St. Vincent College.

Center for Oral History and Cultural Heritage at the University of Southern Mississippi.

The Center for Public History at the State University of West Georgia.

Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling at Concordia University.

Columbia Center for Oral History provides access to their collection and information on events and activities.

Creative Narrations. Consulting organization that provides support and training for nonprofits to document the stories of their communities.

DocumentaryWorks. A community-based organization focused on documentaries of all forms, but with a particular interest in radio and audio stories; links to documentary projects and resources.

East Midlands Oral History Archive at the Centre for Urban History, University of Leicester.

The Family Farm Project at Kenyon College.

Florida Memory. A web-based availability of photos, documents, and other materials in the State Archives of Florida.

H-Oralhist. A discussion list maintained by H-Net, Humanities and Social Sciences Online.

H-Public. An online discussion group maintained by H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences OnLine.

Hurricane Digital Memory Bank. Collecting and preserving stories of Katrina and Rita.

Imperial Paradise?: An Alternative Walking Tour of Victoria, BC. Unlike most carefully censored historical attractions, this tour intends to, “draw attention to some of the censored segments of Canada's imperial history, and to start some interesting discussions about how tourism and marketing play with history to attract our attention -- and our dollars.”

Indiana Historical Society.

Indivisible: Stories of American Community. A national documentary project using photos and recorded voice to explore struggle and change in 12 United States communities.

Institute on World War II and the Human Experience at Florida State University.

International Oral History Association Home Page.

Jewish Women's Archive. Includes a guide to conducting women's oral histories, online exhibits of its own projects, curriculum for middle school and high school, and access to its virtual archive of oral histories.

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Kentucky Oral History Commission of the Kentucky Historical Society.

Local Projects. The design studio behind StoryCorps; click on “Projects” link in menu to see photos and details about a number of other projects, such as The Miners’ Story Project, which tells the story of miners and mines of the southwestern US, and Memory Maps, a NYC project where visitors place handwritten memories on maps of the city.

London’s Voices. An archived collection of the Museum of London’s projects, London’s Voices, “explores, reflects and celebrates London’s great diversity through the voices, memories and opinions of Londoners.”

Maine Folklife Center at the University of Maine.

Memory Bridge. A website of the Foundation for Alzheimer’s and Cultural Memory,includes space for story sharing.

Memory and Place in the 20th Century Italian City: Messina, Naples, Rome, Milan, Venice A website documenting a research project at University College London.

Oral History at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

MemoryScape Audio Walks: Voices from the Hidden History of the Thames.

Michigan Oral History Association.

The Mothers’ Living Stories Project. A project that brings volunteers together with ill mothers to help them review their lives and record their stories.

Multimedia Storytelling Institute. Provides brief courses and tutorials related to multimedia storytelling.

The National Council on Public History Home Page.

National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Ohio Memory. An Online Scrapbook of Ohio Memory from the Ohio Historical Society.

Oral History Association. Links to the national organization as well as regional organizations, centers and collections, sponsors, awards, etc.

Senate Voices oral history project of the Senate Historical Office.

Columbia Center for Oral History at Columbia University.

Oral History Society. What oral history is, how it can be used, conferences, resources, journals, etc.

The Organic City – Storytelling in Oakland, CA.

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OurStory. Post pics (and video) and related stories; website sends members emails asking questions to spur stories.

Place Matters. A joint project of NYC’s City Lore organization ( and Municipal Art Society intended to serve as a “citywide initiative to identify, celebrate, interpret and protect places that tell the history and anchor the traditions of New York's many communities.”

Public History Resource Center includes resources on research, education, and websites.

Regional Oral History Office at the Bancroft Library, University of California at Berkeley.

Remembering Nagasaki. Along with photos taken by Yosuke Yamahata after the bombing of Nagasaki, there are memories of the bombing that were collected at an exhibition in San Francisco in 1995 at the Exploratorium.

StoryCorps. A national oral history project to instruct and inspire people to record each other's stories in sound. Provides "StoryBooths" around the country for people to record oral histories that are deposited with the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

T. Harry Williams Center for Oral History at Louisiana State University.

Vermont Folklife Center offers a useful series of field guides and a variety of services, archival resources, events, and products from its field research.

Veterans History Project.

Wisconsin Historical Society.

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