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Arabic Links

ACON, The Arabic Verb Conjugator

Al Ghazali, pdf Resources

Arabic Grammar

Arabic Grammar Resource,
Defence Language Institute

Arabic, Intro to Basic Grammar

Arabic Language Portal at the Center for Language Technology and Instructional Enrichment

Arabic Learners Written Corpus:
A Resource for Research and Learning

Arabic Learning Resources

Arabic Script, Online pdf

Aswaat Arabiyya, University of Texas Austin

Database of Arabic grammar points

Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center

Han Wehr’s Disciples Blog

Learn Arabic Online

Legends and Folktales in English and Other Languages

Madinah Arabic

National Capital Language Resource Center:
Exercises & Podcasts

Omniglot, Arabic Phrases

Project Root List for Quranic Arabic

Read Arabic!

Recognizing Dialects: Arabic

Quran Explorer


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