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Visa Information

Important: The faculty sponsor (not CSME, CSME's Director, or any CSME staff) is the first person responsible for assisting a visiting scholar in determining the type of visa required.


J-1 Short Term Scholar


The "Short Term Scholar" J-1 visa category is used for international visitors who plan to stay in the US six months or less, and will not renew the visa beyond six months. The advantage to the "Short Term Scholar" J-1 visa category is eligibility to return to the US at anytime for participation in another J-1 program. The disadvantage is the visitor cannot stay in the US even one day beyond six months.

J-1 Research Scholar


The "Research Scholar" J-1 visa category is used for visits expected to be six months or more. The advantage is the visitor can apply for extension of the J-1 visa while in the US, not to exceed a total of five years. Extensions are subject to a review of research progress by the faculty sponsor and IU department. Approval from the scholar's home institution is required for extension (except from independent researchers). Proof of sufficient finances is required. The disadvantage is after returning home at the end of the research program, the visitor may have to wait at least 24 months before participating in another J-1 Research Scholar or Professor program. Wait requirements may vary by country.

B1/B2 Visa (short term business)


If the visitor's visit to the US is no more than 15 days, a DS-2019 (J-1 visa) is not required. The visitor should use the IU letter of invitation to request a B-1/B-2 visa (Visitor for Business/Pleasure) at a US Embassy or US Consulate in their home country.

If the visitor requires a J-1 visa, the faculty sponsor must send CSME the following details [22 items total]:

  1. Last name

  2. First name

  3. Middle name

  4. Date of birth (Month/Day/Year)

  5. Gender

  6. City of birth

  7. Province of birth (optional)

  8. Country of birth

  9. Country of citizenship

  10. Country of legal permanent residence

  11. Is the non-immigrant scholar currently in the U.S.?

    • If yes, provide current visa status, US location and dates.

    • If yes, does the scholar plan to travel outside the US before coming to IU?

    • If so, give the departure date and re-entry date.

  12. Current or most recent position in home country:

    • Researcher, Professor, Graduate Student, Other (explain)

    • Name of current or most recent employer

    • Location of employer in the home country

  13. Current email address

  14. List any other institutions the scholar will visit on business while in the US. For each planned visit provide the institution name, full address, and dates of the visit.

  15. Extended Travel

    If the scholar will live in a second city (besides Bloomington) for more than a brief visit to conduct research at another US university, arrangements should be made in advance to facilitate visa transfer between institutions. The visa transfer process is simplified if this is discussed before the DS-2019 is prepared. The DS-2019 application should be processed through the first university and both IU and the other university should be listed on the DS-2019 form.

  16. Has the visitor previously been in the U.S. on a J-1 or J-2 visa?

    • If yes, give approximate begin and end dates.

  17. Has the visitor previously been at Indiana University?

    • If yes, give approximate begin and end dates.

  18. Will dependent family members (spouse or children) accompany the visitor?

    • If yes, send photocopies of each passport photo/name page and provide details for EACH accompanying dependent:

      • Full Name (exactly as it is written in passport)

      • Relationship (husband, wife, son, daughter)

      • Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year)

      • Place of Birth (City and Country)

      • Country of Permanent Residence

      • Citizenship

      • U.S. Social Security number, if any

  19. Estimated date of arrival in the US (Can enter the US up to 30 days before or after this date.)

    The scholar must arrive in the US and visit the IU Office of International Services (for SEVIS data entry) within 30 days of the date listed as the arrival date on the DS-2019 form. IU expects the visitor to visit the IU Office of International Services within 1-3 days of arrival in Bloomington.

  20. Estimated date of departure from the US

    J-1 visa holders can leave the US at any time before the DS-2019 departure date and up to 30 days after this date. J-1 Research Scholars, except Short Term Scholars, can seek visa extension before the DS-2019 departure date.

  21. Specific subject/field of proposed research at Indiana University
    Be brief (a few words or 1-2 sentences)

  22. Source and amount of funding
    Provide proof of funding to qualify for a J-1 visa.

    If the scholar’s financial support is outside Indiana University, provide proof such as a copy of a bank statement showing sufficient personal funds. If support is from an agency, university, business or government, submit a letter on official stationery certifying financial support and specifying the amount of support in US dollars and the dates covered.

  23. Mailing address to which IU should send the DS-2019 (J-1 visa application) form when it has been processed by IU. It must be a street address, with postal code included, and not a Post Office box.

    If Express Mail is used to send the DS-2019, the visitor or a sponsor must pay the express mailing fee.

US law requires visa applicants to pay a fee to the US government before a visa can be issued by the US Embassy or Consulate. Indiana University Office of International Services will send fee payment instructions when the approved DS-2019 form is ready.


The DS-2019 form number is required to pay this fee. The scholar must take a receipt showing payment of the fee when they go to the US Embassy or Consulate for their personal interview. A receipt can be printed if payment is made via the internet.