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The Center for Sport Policy and Conduct was founded in October, 2000 at Indiana University, Bloomington. Its creation was based on an effort to provide a platform for researchers in sport management to investigate a variety of issues and concerns while also providing the opportunity for implementing positive changes in the community.

Partnerships with community and international organizations will be developed and maintained in an effort to provide strong links that will yield further research and benefits to the community in the areas of youth sport development, violence prevention, and sport policy. The CSPC will help to further develop the knowledge base of the sport management field as well as provide avenues for graduate and funded research.

The CSPC is housed in the Department of Recreation and Park Administration in the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation located on the Indiana University Bloomington Campus. The CSPC has identified a mission, as well as goals and objectives, in order to help guide the research being conducted in a positive and productive direction.

The founders of the CSPC include both faculty and graduate students from the Department of Recreation and Park Administration at Indiana University, Bloomington. To view a brief biography and current vita of the founders, click here.

Director: Dr. Lynn Jamieson
Associate Director: Dr. Sarah J. Young

Issues & Research
The issues investigated by the CSPC include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • role of government policy in sport management on a national and international scale
  • sport management curriculum development that embraces current and future research in the area of core competencies
  • international perspectives of sport such as "Sport for All"
  • violence, aggression, and deviance in sport
  • violence prevention strategies
  • the linkage of recreational sport and drug/crime reduction
  • youth development
  • role of coaches and parents in youth sport
  • role of recreational sports in society

The research conducted will include statistical methodology such as empirical studies, multivariate analyses, and qualitative approaches. Replication studies on a variety of the above issues will be conducted on existing studies to validate findings and to include a broader range of settings. Specific studies of targeted age cohorts (i.e. youth-at-risk, adult populations) will be encouraged as well as assessments of risk management practices and health practices in the sport environment.

The Journal for Sport Policy and Conduct
The CSPC will be publishing a quarterly journal to include articles relating to the issues represented by the goals of the organization. Between 10 and 15 articles will be included in each issue. Guidelines for submission and formatting will be added to this website at a later date.