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To serve as a nexus for sport management research into the areas of policy development and conduct, particularly as it pertains to curriculum develoment, training and evaluation, and action oriented approaches.


  1. To identify the role of government in sport management.
  2. To employ varied statistical approaches to further sport management research in the intended areas.
  3. To develop international perspectives to include studies of "Sport for All" programs in countries worldwide.
  4. To assess the current impact of sport programs on participants.
  5. To identify positive development aspects of sport.
  6. To develop sport management curriculum that embraces current and future research in the area of core competencies.
  7. To conduct specific studies targeted at age cohorts: for example, youth at risk, secondary school aged youth, and adult populations.
  8. To link with health-related practices with respect to recreational sport.
  9. To investigate the role of coaches and parents in sport management and youth development.
  10. To investigate the behavior of spectators and the potential impact this behavior has on those directly involved in sport.