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Tenth Annual Cultural Studies Conference: "MIGRATIONS"

Saturday, February 11, 2006
University Club’s Faculty Room, Indiana Memorial Union

In the past few years, the Cultural Studies conferences have been organized broadly around the theoretical category of “space,” considering, for example, the relevance of cultural studies to imperial space, along with national, and neo-national spaces. This engagement with space has lead to productive articulations of state formations, globalization, representation, subjectivity, and capital flows within cultural studies. As Tom Foster notes, “rethinking the nature of space and its relation to cultural identities becomes more urgent in an age dominated by new experiences of space. Today, processes of globalization emphasize transnational cultural flows and diasporic affiliations over national boundaries and traditional models of citizenship, and new communications technologies make possible more highly mediated forms of social interaction within cyberspace computer networks.” 

This year we turn our attention to transnational flows, specifically to “migration,” exploring the movement of media, identity, and labor across cultural and national spaces. Papers and commentary will engage a wide array of topics such as the relationship between individual subjectivity and structures of feeling in diaspora cultures; culture as a tool of US domination and hegemony; rural and urban labor flows; the construction of immigrant subcultures on the web and through radio; resistance and media activism; media flows and the logic of accumulation; the impact of transnational and intra- national discourses of sexuality and gender on subjectivity and agency.

Conference Schedule


Eileen Chow (Harvard University), "The Curious Career of Anna May Wong--A Study in Transnational Stardom."

Michael Curtin (U. of Wisconsin), Location, Fabrication, and Flow: The Spatial Tendencies of Media Capital”

Jasmine Trice (CMCL), “The Invisible Landscape: Mapping the Politics of Location Shooting in the Philippines”

Moderator: Joan Hawkins (CMCL/CS)

12:00pm-1:00pm Buffet Lunch


Nabil Echchaibi, (Journalism) “Diasporic Experiences, Predictable Traces? Beur FM and the Challenge of the Local”

Madhavi Mallapragada (CMCL/CS), “Reconfiguring Migrant Locations: The Web and Indian-American Alliances in the Network Age.”

Michiko Suzuki (EALC), “Constructing abnormality: the Female Invert and Sexology in Pre War Japan”

Moderator: Ranu Samantrai (English/CS)


Sara Friedman (Anthro/Gender Studies/CS), “A Labor of Love? Marital Citizenship and the Reproduction of the Taiwanese Nation.”

Colin Johnson (Gender Studies), "Casual Sex: Homosexuality and the Itinerant Working Poor in the US, 1900-1930."

Rhacel Parrenas (UC Davis), "The Temporal and Spatial Segregation of Filipino Migrant Hostesses in Japan."

Moderator: Jeff Wasserstrom