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Cultural Studies Program


C601 Introduction to Cultural Studies (4 credits). Survey of main issues, theories, and methods in cultural studies. Topics may include communications and mass culture; gender, race, and the social construction of identity; historiographic and ethnographic approaches to modern cultures and societies.

C701 Special Topics in Cultural Studies (3-4 credits). Prerequisite: C601 or consent of instructor. Advanced exploration of a specific issue in cultural studies.

Examples of Recently Offered C701 Courses:

  • Anthropology and Citizenship
  • The Child, Queerly
  • Extreme Masculinities
  • Contesting Culture as Property
  • Images and Critique in Public Culture
  • Variations in Blackness
  • The ‘Other’ in Modern Japanese Literature and Film
  • Food and Culture
  • Methods of Media Research
  • Rhetorical Theories of Cultural Production

C790 Independent Readings in Cultural Studies (3-4 credits). Prerequisite: consent of the instructor. Open only to students minoring in Cultural Studies. Click on the link above for instructions on arranging and registering for C790.