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Cultural Studies Program

Adjunct Faculty

Faculty Member Department
Bose, Purnima (Director) English, International Studies
Adesokan, Akin Comparative Literature
Anderson, Paul American Studies
Akhter, Majed Geography
Arthos, John English
Ashutosh, Ishan Geography
Bahloul, Joelle Anthropology, Jewish Studies
Bailey, Marlon American Studies, Gender Studies
Bodnar, John History
Bouchard, Vincent French and Italian Studies
Breger, Claudia Germanic Studies, Gender Studies
Bucur-Deckard, Maria History
Charnes, Linda English
Courtney, Angela Cultural Studies Librarian
Cullather, Nick History
De Boer, Stephanie Communication and Culture
Diaz, Arlene History
Dodson, Michael History
Dove, Patrick Spanish & Portuguese
Eder, Donna Sociology
Ellcessor, Elizabeth Culture and Communication
Elmer, Jonathan English
Ford, Phil Jacobs School of Music
Foster, Michael Dylan Folklore and Ethnomusicology, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Frazier, Lessie Jo Gender Studies
Friedman, Sara Anthropology, Gender Studies
Gieryn, Tom Sociology
Girshick, Paula Anthropology
Goodman, Jane Communication & Culture
Gould, Jeffrey History
Gray, Margaret French & Italian
Halloran, Vivian American Studies, English
Hawkins, Joan Film, Communication & Culture
Herring, Scott English
Inouye, Karen American Studies
Jackson, Jason Baird Folklore & Ethnomusicology 
James, Daniel History
Kane, Stephanie Criminal Justice
Kielian-Gilbert, Marianne Jacobs School of Music
Kilgore, DeWitt D. English
Lave, Rebecca Geography
Lepselter, Susan American Studies, Communication & Culture
Lucaites, John Communication & Culture
McDonald, David A. Folklore & Ethnomusicology, Anthropology
McGraw, Jason American Studies, History
Mejias-Lopez, Alejandro Spanish & Portuguese
Moorman, Marissa History
Nash, Richard English
O'Bryan, Scott History, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Parameswaran, Radhika Journalism
Parnell, Philip Criminal Justice
Ryan Powell Communication & Culture
Rasch, William Germanic Studies
Robinson, Benjamin Germanic Studies
Robinson, Michael East Asian Languages & Culture
Sadlier, Darlene Spanish & Portuguese
Samantrai, Ranu English
Sandweiss, Eric History
Seigel, Micol American Studies, History
Selka, Steven American Studies, Religious Studies
Sheldon, Rebekah English
Simons, Jonathan Communication & Culture
Solomon, Rakesh H. Theatre & Drama
Sterling, Marvin Anthropology
Stoeltje, Beverly J. Folklore, Communication &   Culture
Suzuki, Michiko East Asian Languages & Cultures
Watt, Stephen English
Weber, Brenda Gender Studies
Weiner, Marc Germanic Studies
Wilk, Richard Anthropology
Zaret, David R. Sociology

Emeriti Faculty

Bauman, Richard Folklore, Communication & Culture
Brantlinger, Patrick English 
Chaitin, Gilbert Comparative Literature, French and Italian
Gieryn, Tom Sociology
Kenshur, Oscar S. Comparative Literature
Naremore, James O. Communication & Culture
Pace, David History
Sterrenburg, Lee English
Thelen, David P. History