Cultural Studies Adjunct: Purnima Bose

Book Cover: Organizing EmpireI am a post-colonial scholar, whose earlier work focused on British colonialism and the links between Irish and Indian feminists and nationalists in the first half of the twentieth century. Since then, I have become interested in globalization, the role of corporations in public life, and anti-globalization resistance. This interest arises out of a desire to comprehend the local in relation to the global, and connect Indiana to India through a study of General Electric, which has a plant in Bloomington and is the largest foreign employer in India. Along with Laura E. Lyons, I am currently in the process of editing an anthology, Cultural History and the Global Corporation, which investigates the narrative strategies used by corporations such as GE and their opponents. I am also fascinated by the ways in which globalization shapes the Indian (US) diaspora and its conception of identity and history. Besides an engagement with South Asia, these seemingly different projects are united by my attention to hegemonic structures, on the one hand, and activism, on the other. I am motivated to understand how people make sense of their worlds and how they become inspired to change their circumstances. While my formal training is in Comparative Literature, my scholarship tends to be an eclectic mix of cultural studies, history, social movement theory, and feminist analysis.

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