Cultural Studies Adjunct: Maria Bucur

My research and teaching interests focus on European history in the modern period, especially social and cultural developments in Eastern Europe, with a special interest in Romania (geographically) and gender (thematically). I began my intellectual journey by investigating the ways in which cultural producers and social policy makers tried to engineer the future during the first half of the twentieth century. This led to the publication of my first book,
Eugenics and Modernization in Interwar Romania. Subsequently I moved on to examine how various local communities and official state institutions in Eastern Europe tried to engineer the past, by constructing representations of wartime violence through monuments and commemorative processes. This project has become a book manuscript I am currently writing, entitled Heroes and Victims:Remembering Romania's Two World Wars.  In addition to these books, I've also published a number of essays on eugenics, philanthropy, the cultural
history of the Great War, commemorations of World War II, and gender and war.  I am also a co-editor of the Journal Aspasia, an international yearbook of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern European women's and gender history.  My teaching combines these specific research interests with broader pedagogical ones. I've taught courses on the idea of Europe, film and history, gender in Modern Europe, as well as communism in Europe. In 2008-2009 I am also serving as interim chair of the Gender Studies Department.

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