Cultural Studies Adjunct: Linda Charnes

Book Cover: Hamlet's HeirsBook Cover: Notorious IdentityLinda Charnes is Professor of English, West European Studies, and Cultural Studies. She specializes in Shakespeare, in his early modern context, as well as in the history of Shakespearean performance, appropriation and critical reception in the arenas of mass culture, literature, film, and international politics. Her areas of expertise include theoretical approaches to performativity, psychoanalysis and the performance of everyday life, and politics, from the seventeenth through the twenty first centuries, as a fundamentally theatrical medium. She is the author of several books on Shakespeare and the history of fame/notoriety, and the contemporary political and cultural legacies of Shakespearean character, particularly in recent American and British politics. She is currently working on two book projects.  The first, Provoking Objects: Milton and the Libertines,examines the links between cynicism and fundamentalism in the late seventeenth century.  The second, Shakespeare and the Interactive Stage, explores the establishment, and deconstruction, of the concept of the “fourth wall,” and its relationship to politics as a theatrical mode.

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