Cultural Studies Adjunct: Patrick E. Dove

Book CoverI am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at Indiana University. My research focuses on interconnections between literature, philosophy and politics, primarily in Latin America’s Southern Cone. My first book, The Catastrophe of Modernity: Tragedy and the Nation in Latin American Literature (Bucknell UP, 2004), is a study of the tragic as a topos in representations of Latin American modernity by writers such as Domingo Sarmiento, Leopoldo Lugones, Jorge Luis Borges, Juan Rulfo and César Vallejo. Currently I am working on two projects. The first considers how modern conceptualizations of “literature”—as it has been defined in the historical context of the modern State together with its cultural, pedagogical, economic, and technological apparatuses—are unsettled by the same processes that are currently calling into question the sovereignty of the national State. In this light, the project examines how a number of 20th century and contemporary Latin American writers (Bolaño, Borges, Chejfec, Cohen, Eltit, Mercado and Saer among others) offer new ways of thinking about questions of meaning, value and their limits—or nihilism. The other project is a study of the politics of memory in post-dictatorship Argentina, Chile and Uruguay (1980’s-present). This research incorporates a variety of cultural texts—including testimonial, journalistic and autobiographical writings, documentary and feature films, as well as televised interviews—while exploring similarities and incompatibilities that arise between notions of mourning, justice, truth and confession.

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