Cultural Studies Adjunct: Jeff Gould

My work deals with Central American social movements, ethnic conflicts and political violence. My first book analyzes the rise of peasant and labor movements in Somocista Nicaragua. My second book deals with the development of the myth of mestizaje in Nicaragua and the simultaneous assaults on indigenous communities in central and western Nicaragua. My current project deals with the mobilization and massacre of Indians and peasants in El Salvador. This project derives from a National Edowment for the Humanities collaborative project that I co-directed with Charles Hale and Darío Euraque. That project, which dealt with the problems of ethnic identity and violence in Central America, involved 15 Central American scholars. I also co-directed and co-produced “Scars of Memory: El Salvador, 1932.” (Icarus, 2003), a 53-minute documentary film. After finishing my next book, entitled To Rise in Darkness: Revolution, Repression, and Memory in El Salvador, 1929-32, I plan to embark on another documentary film project in Morazan, El Salvador.

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