Cultural Studies Adjunct: Marissa Moorman

Book Cover: IntonationsI am a historian of southern Africa. My research focuses on the intersection between politics and culture, more specifically on that between music and nation, in colonial Angola. My book, forthcoming in November 2008, is entitled Intonations: a Social History of Music and Nation in Angola, 1945-Recent Times. It explores how music was a practice in and through which Angolans living under extreme political repression imagined the nation and how the particularities of music and historical moment cast this process of imagining in gendered terms. In other words, I am interested in the ways that cultural practice is productive of politics and not just derivative of it. Much of my evidence comes from interviews with musicians and consumers of music and I explore how memory, experience and pleasure shape politics and history. My next project is Tuning in to Nation: Radio Technology and Politics in Angola, 1961-2002, for which I received a New Frontiers Grant in 2006-07. I have taught and plan to offer again graduate courses on Gender and Sexuality in African History; Politics and Culture in African History; and The African Nation and Its Fragments.

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