Cultural Studies Adjunct: David Pace

Early in my career I specialized in modern European intellectual and cultural history, and my first book dealt with the history of Western visions of non-Western peoples, as reflected in the writings of the influential French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss. My own involvement in campaigns to control nuclear weapons next led me to spend several years studying the initial French reactions to the atomic bomb and to nuclear energy. At the same time I developed a number of courses that I love teaching, and it became increasingly important to me to explore new ways to help students master history. The appearance of a new field in academia, the scholarship of teaching and learning in the mid-1990s, gave me the opportunity to work with other historians throughout the world to study how students learn. Since 1998 I have also had the great pleasure of serving as the co-director of the I.U. Freshman Learning Project, a program that helps faculty across the campus develop new ways of overcoming bottlenecks to learning in large introductory classes.

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