Cultural Studies Adjunct: Radhika Parameswaran

My current research interests are focused primarily on globalization, gender, and media culture in South Asia. I am interested in feminist and international cultural studies inquiry that bridges the disciplines of media studies, women’s studies, and South Asian studies. A consistent theme that runs through my research is the complexity of gender as a multidimensional social category whose  meaning evolves only in relation to other social formations of class,  caste, race, and ethnicity. My work emphasizes the ways in which historical and economic processes--colonialism, nationalism, and globalization--shape the social construction of gender, tradition, and modernity. In addition, my analysis of global and local media culture  through the lens of postcolonial theories contributes to the growing  field of postcolonial media studies, a recent intellectual direction  in international communication. Although my immersion in cultural studies began with an interest in media audiences, I have expanded my work to include the study of media texts and producers. My recent research has examined representations of globalization in popular journalism as articulated through the figure of India’s global beauty queen. I am finishing work on a large-scale project that probes advertising’s discourses of beauty and fairness/lightness/whiteness that circulate within the context of an India that claims to no  longer be a “Third World” nation. My recent research has been published in Journal of Communication Inquiry, Critical Studies in Media Communication, Communication Theory, and Journalism & Communication Monographs. My book chapter “Reading the Visual, Tracking the Global: Postcolonial Feminist Methodology and the Chameleon Codes of Resistance” is forthcoming in the Handbook of Critical Indigenous Methodology.

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