Cultural Studies Adjunct: Beverly Stoeltje

Throughout my career women and gender issues have captured my interest. AT times I have concentrated on representations of women in performance such as the rodeo, and at other times I have focused on women of the American West, especially the cowgirl. My interest shifted to Asante Queen Mothers in 1990, however, the female leaders of the Asante and the larger group of Akan peoples of Ghana . Concentrating on their role as performed in contemporary society has led me to the anthropology of law, particularly the law of the Asante people as practiced in what is called the "customary courts" of Ghana . Concentrating on chieftaincy, including queen mothers, as practiced among contemporary Asante, my research analyzes the role of queen mothers as it is performed today, on narrative in Asante society, and on the chiefs' and queen mothers' courts and the litigants who utilize these courts to resolve disputes.

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