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Spring 2017: Struggling for Life — A Genealogy

This term, the Center focuses on the political aspects of the human struggle for life. We examine various theorizations of bio- and necropolitics and relate them to conjectures about global war. Life and death point to the very limits of thinking, but they have also become central themes of the political in the ages of modernity and globalization.Throughout the semester, the work of the reading group is supplemented by contributions from invited experts. These speculative activities may not ensure our survival, but they will at least enlighten our irrevocable path to death!

All Center events are open to the public.

Spotlight: New Essay

"After 9/11, globalization has shown a darker side: multiple forms of state and transnational violence have not proven exceptional moments of conflict, but the normal functioning of the system. Violence does not interrupt the smooth course of globalization; on the contrary, the global world needs to be in a constant state of emergency in order to function in an effective and profitable way."
Edgar Illas, “Survival, or, The War Logic of Global Capitalism.” More ->


Spring 2017 Events

The work of the reading group will be augmented by a series of lectures and symposia. On Friday, February 24, Jan Mieszkowski (Reed College) presents a talk entitled "Death Sentences." A symposium with Timothy Campbell (Cornell Univ.) and Adam Sitze (Amherst College), the editors of the landmark Biopolitics: A Reader, is scheduled for March 31. Banu Bargu (New School) visits the Center on April 14. Mark your calendars! More ->


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