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Spring 2017: Struggling for Life — A Genealogy

This term, the Center focuses on the political aspects of the human struggle for life. We examine various theorizations of bio- and necropolitics and relate them to conjectures about global war. Life and death point to the very limits of thinking, but they have also become central themes of the political in the ages of modernity and globalization.Throughout the semester, the work of the reading group is supplemented by contributions from invited experts. These speculative activities may not ensure our survival, but they will at least enlighten our irrevocable path to death!

All Center events are open to the public.

Discussion of Work in Progress

Ilana Gershon (Anthropology) and John McGlothlin (English) discuss their paper-in-progress "The Animated Turn: On Literature and Capital," in which they analyze Suzanne Collins’s popular Hunger Games trilogy by means of the concept of animation. More ->


Fall 2017 Graduate Courses

The Center offers two graduate courses in the Fall: An "Introduction to Theory" taught by Professor Johannes Türk (Germanic Studies) and an advanced course on Hegel's Science of Logic, offered by Professor Patrick Dove (Spanish & Portuguese).
More ->


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