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Amor Mundi: Hannah Arendt and Her Legacy


Coming on the heels of a term-long investigation of the "Working Subject," the Theory Center puts an intensive study of Hannah Arendt's masterpiece The Human Condition at the core of its Spring 2016 activities. We wish to contribute to a dialogue on the nature of politics, anthropology, creativity, and modernity. We also hope to trace the influence of Arendt’s thought in recent debates on biopolitics, political theology, and theories of action. The work of the reading group will be capped by a symposium at the end of the term.

All Center events are open to the public.

Theory Center Offers New Ph.D. Minor in Critical Theory

Graduate students now have the opportunity of earning a Ph.D. Minor in Critical Theory. The backbone of the new minor consists of the courses the Center will offer starting in Fall 2015. In addition, students may earn independent study credit for work done in the reading group. More >

New Theory Center Course: "Discourse"

Taught by Joshua Kates(English), investigates the alternative that discourse, in constrast to language, provides to understanding what we in the humanities do, since language arguably lies at the base of all our objects and practices. Offered in Spring 2016, CTIH-T600. More >

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