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Spring 2014 Theme: Style, Ethos, Image


How do images manage to present themselves to us as neither abstract signs nor mere things? Does humanistic inquiry require something more than the drive toward epistemological transparency? How do we interact with a work of art if it urges us to take up an “inside” perspective?

These are some of the questions that have animated the work of the Theory Center this term, both the reading group and many of the events we have hosted. Join us.

All Center events are open to the public.

Themes for 2014-15

In the Fall term, the Theory Center will devote itself to an intensive study of Hans Blumenberg's masterpiece The Legitimacy of the Modern Age (1966). Patricia Ingham (English) and Johannes Türk (German) have agreed to serve as co-coveners. In Spring 2015, Oana Panaïté (French) will guide our engagement with "Security, Violence, Law." Details to follow.

Reading Group

The group is studying Stanley Cavell's The World Viewed (1971) continues. Join the reading group >

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