Indiana University Bloomington

Courses of Interest


Spring 2015

Comparative Literature, C601, Eyal Peretz, "The Image of Modernity."
Comparative Literature, C603, Jacob Emery, "Unfinished Novels."
English, L646, Scot Barnett, "Object-Oriented Rhetoric."
English, L758, Andrew Miller, "Theories of Perspective."
English L764, Jennifer Fleissner, "American Modernity and Antimodernity."
German, G625, Fritz Breithaupt, "Experimental Humanities and Narratology."
German G627, Claudia Breger, "Making Worlds: Form, Affect, and Narrative in Contemporary European Film."
German G825, William Rasch, “'Fascism' and Modernism (Anglo-American and German)."
Religious Studies, R661, Constance Furey, "Religion and Subjectivity."

Fall 2014

American Studies, G751, Ilana Gershon, "Ethnographies of Democracy."
Communication & Culture, C611, Jon Simons, "Language, Discourse, Signs and Power: Critical Social Theories of Culture and Communication."
English, L764 / German, G825, Joshua Kates & Michel Chaouli, "Interpretation and Its Rivals."
French, F564, Oana Panaïté, "The Trouble with Literature."
German, G575 / Comparative Literature, C513, Johannes Türk, "Prose of the Everyday: Narrative Form in the Nineteenth-Century."
Spanish, S512, Edgar Illas, "Theory and Criticism."
Spanish, S678, Patrick Dove, “Out of Time: History and the Crisis of Modernity in Contemporary Latin American Narrative.”

Spring 2014

Comparative Literature, C 537, Herbert Marks, "Wallace Stevens and the Meaning of Modernism" (first eight weeks).
English, L746, Scot Barnett & Joanthan Elmer, "Media Rhetorics and Literary Study in the 21st Century."
German, G 573 / Comparative Literature C 529, Michel Chaouli, "The New: The Emergence of Artistic Innovation in the Eighteenth Century."
German, G 625, William Rasch, "What Was Enlightenment? Late 18th- and late 20th-Century Debates."
History of Art, A 540, Jeffrey Saletnik, "Modern Architecture and Design."
International Studies, I 705, William Rasch, "The Concept of Human Rights."
Philosophy, P 546, Sandra Shapshay, "Art and Morality."

Fall 2013

Communication & Culture, C 636, Jon Simons, "Reading the Text: Benjamin’s Arcades Project."
Comparative Literature, C 501, Patrick Dove, "Introduction to Contemporary Literary Studies."
Comparative Literature, C 603/ Slavic, R 601, Jacob Emery, "Puzzles and Puzzlers."
English, L 764, Joshua Kates, "T. S. Eliot and His Critics."
German, G 625, Claudia Breger, “Affects and Sexualities in 20th- and 21st-Century Culture."
History, H 620, Rebecca Spang, "Psychoanalysis and History."

Spring 2013

Communication and Culture, C 611, Jon Simons, "Aesthetics and Politics"
Comparative Literature, C 647, Jacob Emery, "Doubles, Copy Clerks, and Clones"
English, L 740, Andrew Miller, "Aesthetics, Genre, & Form"
Germanic Studies, G 577, Benjamin Robinson, "Post-Catastrophic Cultural Engagement: 1949-1990"
History, H 680, Michael Dodson, "Postcolonial Theory"
Philosophy, P 526, Sandra Shapshay, "Schopenhauer and Nietzsche"

Fall 2012

Communication and Culture, C 503, Joshua Malitsky, "Introduction to Media Theory & Aesthetics"
Comparative Literature, C501/ Germanic Studies, G505, Eyal Peretz, Michel Chaouli, "Poetic Thinking"
Philosophy, P 730, Adam Leite, "Philosophy and Contemporary Psychoanalysis"
Religious Studies, R 665, Constance Furey, "Interpretations of Religion"
Spanish & Portuguese, S 512, Patrick Dove, "Theory and Criticism"

Spring 2012

Germanic Studies, G575, Michel Chaouli, "Romanticism and Its Consequences"
History, H 620, Rebecca Spang, "Past and Future in 19th-Century Europe"
Religious Studies, R 581, Nancy Levene, "Religion, Reason & Literature"
Spanish & Portuguese, S 688, Anke Birkenmaier, "Avant-garde Movements in the Caribbean"
Spanish & Portuguese, S 695, Patrick Dove, "Literature and Modernity in the Southern Cone"

Fall 2011

Communication and Culture, C608, Jon Simons, "Images and Critique in Public Culture "
Communication and Culture, C634, Ilana Gershon "Networks, Systems and Flows"
Cultural Studies, C701, Lessie Frazier, "Desire and the Racialized Erotics of Political Culture"
English, L758, Ivan Kreilkamp, "Life and the Living"
French and Italian, F564, Oana Panaïté, "Issues in Literary Theory: The Trouble with Literature"
Germanic Studies, G505, William Rasch, "Max Weber and His Legacy: Rationality, Rationalization, Technology"
Germanic Studies, G 825, Johannes Türk, "The Laokoon Project: Visuality, Narrativity, and Affect in the Eighteenth Century"
History, H650/H680, Eric Sandweiss, "Space and Place in History"
Religious Studies, R665, Nancy Levene, "Interpretations of Religion"

Spring 2011

Communication and Culture, C636, Jon Simons, "Reading the Text"
History, H680, Michael Dodson, "Foucault, Post-Structuralism, Post-Colonialism"