Indiana University Bloomington

Archive of Selected Events

Spring 2011

Lecture: Thomas Pfau (Alice Mary Baldwin Professor of English and Professor of German, Duke University), "'A certain mediocrity': Moral Sentiments and Early Behaviorism in A. Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments."

Symposium: "Heidegger / Aristotle"

Steve Crowell (Joseph and Joanna Nazro Mullen Professor of Philosophy, Rice University), "Heidegger on Practical Reasoning: Morality and Agency."
Burt Hopkins (Professor of Philosophy, Seattle University), "The Philosophy of Husserl."
François Raffoul (Professor of French Studies, Louisiana State University), "Factical Life and the Need for Philosophy."

Fall 2011

Lecture: Joan Copjec (Professor of English and Comparative Literature; Director of the Center for the Study of Psychoanalysis and Culture, University of Buffalo), "The Fate of the Image: Church History and the Modern State."

Lecture: Diane Rubenstein (Professor of Government, Cornell University), "A Most Inhospitable Discipline: Jacques Derrida and the 'Political Science to Come.'"

Spring 2012

Lecture: Andrew Feenberg (Canada Research Chair in Philosophy of Technology, Simon Fraser University), "Agency and Citizenship in a Technological Society."

Lecture: N. Katherine Hayles (Professor of Literature, Duke University), "The Technogenetic Spiral: Implications and Interventions."

Lecture: James Conant (Chester D. Tripp Professor of Humanities and Professor of Philosophy, Univ. of Chicago), "From Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus to Philosophical Investigations: The Evolution in Wittgenstein's Conception of the Form of his Philosophical Authorship."


Fall 2012

Symposium: "Theories of the Political I: Weber, Schmitt, and Strauss"

Douglas Moggach (Distinguished University Professor of Philosophy, University of Ottawa), "Synthesizing the Multiple: Theoretical, Ethical, and Aesthetic Unities."
Tracy Strong (Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Univ. of California, San Diego), "Max Weber: The Theory, Ethics and Politics of Social Scientific Objectivity."

Symposium: "Theories of the Political II: Althusser and After"

Warren Montag (Brown Family Professor in Literature, English and Comparative Literary Studies, Occidental College), "From Interpellation to Immunization: Althusser, Balibar, Esposito."
Ellen Rooney (Professor of Modern Culture and Media and Professor of English, Brown University), "I am interested in the play on words itself: The Reading of Theory."


Spring 2013

Lecture: Irad Kimhi (Assoc. Professor, Committee on Social Thought, University of Chicago), "The Philosophical and the Poetic: The Knowledge of Happiness and the Knowledge of Suffering."
Seminar: Irad Kimhi on Oedipus Rex, Hamlet, and Endgame.

Lecture: Paul North (Assoc. Professor of German, Yale University), "The Phenomenality of the State: Kafka and Plato."

Symposium: "Poetic Thinking, Thinking Death"

Cathy Caruth (Frank H. T. Rhodes Professor of Humane Letters, Cornell University), "After the End: Psychoanalysis in the Ashes of History."
Shoshana Felman (Woodruff Professor of Comparative Literature and French, Emory University), "Writing in the Face of Death: Barbara Johnson's Last Work ('Mary Shelley and her Circle')."

Fall 2013

Forum: Joshua Kates (English), "Archimedes, Historicity, and Holism."

Lecture: Joseph Vogl (Professor of Literary, Cultural, and Media Studies, Humboldt University Berlin), "On Tarrying."

Lecture: Michael Warner (Seymour H. Knox Professor of English & Professor of American Studies, Yale University), "Normativity and Its Vicissitudes."
Seminar: Michael Warner on Georges Canguilhem's "Normality and Normativity," published in A Vital Rationalist.

Forum: Patricia Clare Ingham (English), “Newfangled Value,” Introduction to The Medieval New: Novelty, Innovation, Ethics

Spring 2014

Forum: Kevin Houser (Philosophy), "The Ethical Origins of Objectivity."

Symposium: "Style, Ethos, Image I"

Taylor Carman Professor of (Philosophy, Barnard College), "Merleau-Ponty on Painting and the Promiscuity of Vision."
Jennifer Fleissner (Assoc. Professor of English, Indiana), "Romancing the Real: Ian McEwan's Enduring Love."

Symposium: "Style, Ethos, Image II"

John Plotz (Professor of English, Brandeis University), "The Great Stoneface and His Hats: Buster Keaton’s Style."
Daniel Morgan (Asst. Professor of Cinema & Media Studies, University of Chicago), "The Morals of Style."

Anne-Lise François (Assoc. Professor of Comparative Literature/English, UC Berkeley), “'Je sauterai le bonheur': Signing Happiness and the Staccato of Stendhalian Style.”

Lecture: Boris Groys (Global Distinguished Professor, New York University), "The Inside View: Aesthetics of the Gesamtkunstwerk."
Seminar: Boris Groyson curating digital art.

Forum: Patrick Dove (Spanish/Portuguese), “October 17th, 1945: Aesthetics and Politics at the Origins of Peronism in Argentina.”