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Center Theme for Fall 2015: The Working Subject


There is a growing interest in thinking through the lived dilemmas of work under capitalism as scholars continue to grapple with the consequences of the Great Recession. Many are baffled that a flagrant failure of the financial regulatory system has resulted in renewed faith in the logic of the market. Led by Benjamin Robinson and Ilana Gershon, this Fall the Center undertakes an exploration of Marxian, feminist, and practice-theory approaches to labor relations as a starting point for understanding the paradoxes of contemporary capitalism. Reading Group schedule > Lecture Series >

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Theory Center Offers New Ph.D. Minor in Critical Theory

Graduate students now have the opportunity of earning a Ph.D. Minor in Critical Theory. The backbone of the new minor consists of the courses the Center will offer starting in Fall 2015. In addition, students may earn independent study credit for work done in the reading group. More >

New Theory Center Course: "Aesthetic Education"

Taught by Eyal Peretz (Comparative Literature), the course explores the ways major thinkers and artists have conceived of the relationship of life and art. Offered in Fall 2015, CTIH-T600. More >

Reading Group on "The Working Subject"

The reading group continues its work.
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