Indiana University Bloomington

Fall 2015 Theme: Hans Blumenberg's
The Legitimacy of the Modern Age


The concept of "modernity" has led a vexed existence. Every account of it seems to fall short on both historical and theoretical grounds. Yet we do not seem to be able to do without it. It is both impossible and indispensable.


The philosopher Hans Blumenberg (1920 - 1996) has offered one of the most ambitious, and most contested, accounts of modernity. This Fall, the Center will devote itself to a study of his 1966 masterpiece, The Legitimacy of the Modern Age. Join us for the reading group and for the symposium on Blumenberg's work later this term.


All Center events are open to the public.

Discussion of Work-in-Progress

From time to time, the Center convenes a Forum in which current work by one of the members is discussed. If you are interested in presenting your work, get in touch with Michel Chaouli.



"Security, Violence, Law"

Next Spring, Oana Panaïté (French) will guide our engagement with the theme of "Security, Violence, Law." Details to follow.



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