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Language Features

  • Uzbek is an agglutinative language;
  • Suffixes are added to a word in a fixed order;
  • Uzbek language lacks grammatical gender;
  • Uzbek is a Subject-Object-Verb order language;
  • There are no definite and indefinite articles, instead the word “bir” and the accusative case marker are used to express indefiniteness and definiteness;
  • There are various participles, gerunds, and verbal nouns that replace relative clause structures found in English;
  • Modifiers precede the modified head nouns;
  • Word roots are mostly monosyllabic;
  • Most words carry stress on the final syllable.
  • Due to the influence of Iranian languages some dialects have lost vowel harmony. Vowel harmony is not reflected in modern literary Uzbek since it is based on the Tashkent and Ferghana dialects.
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