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Classroom Technology Services provides multimedia equipment and display devices, training, and support to those teaching in general purpose classrooms. We are responsible for the installation and operational integrity of the technology permanently installed in classrooms, and we also make available a range of mobile equipment.

Almost all of the general purpose classrooms scheduled by the Office of the Registrar have permanently installed technology 249 (92%) of the general purpose classrooms at IU Bloomington and 148 (99%) of the general inventory classrooms at IUPUI. Online documentation on the use of these rooms is available on this website. Please contact us for additional information on what is installed in a classroom, to set up a training session, or to report any problems. We inspect each classroom several times a week to assure they are in working order, but equipment is not infallible. The sooner we are aware of a problem, the sooner is can be repaired.

To make suggestions for improvements to classrooms, e.g., replace a projection screen, provide better window treatment, improve lighting, please contact Beverly Teach (855-2922; 278-2929), Manager of Classroom Technology Services. Please provide the following information: the classroom building and room number; your specific concern, recommendation, or comment; and your e-mail address, phone, and campus mail address. This information will be forwarded to either the IUB Classroom Committee or the IUPUI Learning Environments Committee.

We also provide consultation on learning environment design and audio visual systems design and development. Please contact Beverly Teach for more information.


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